December-January is a cosmic portal of immense soul potential: we have the opportunity to choose our highest timeline for the next year + decade for our maximum overflow contribution to the New Earth future.

During this time there are many significant transitions - solistice, solar eclipse, new year and lunar eclipse. These transitions are our time to super-charge our soul field, activate our light grids and download our next big legacy paths. 

In Supercharge 2020, we will gather to create a collective vortex of leaders who are ready to set up the energetic templates and high flows of our next-level brilliance, service and enriched life. 
Supercharge 2020 brings you the secrets of the (sovereign) Light Field of Riches 2.0

Rich & Radiant was one of the most activating programs we've ever taught. So many womxn manifested and magnetised money + an abundance of opportunities at a quantum level - in PURE RADIANCE!

In Rich & Radiant, we downloaded the Sovereign Light Field of Riches - a powerful energetic technology - with the original codes of abundance and wealth in alignment with your soul legacy - yours to claim + invoke at anytime.

In preparation for the new year and our next-level soul dreams, we've been using the Sovereign Light Field of Riches to amp up our receivership potential and quantum our desires.

Little did we know that we hadn't even uncovered the 2 most important and meta-level pillars of this Light Field.

Discovering them has sky-rocketed our own fields into the huge cosmic vortex we're all in.

And we want to bring you along for the 2.0 Sovereign Light Field of Riches activation - during these catalytic 2020 new year transition energies!

In Supercharge 2020, we’re delivering three brand new catalytic Masterclasses to sky-rocket your soul into the new decade.

We want you to light up your field with your highest desires and the riches to match it.

We’ve been diving into deeper layers within our energetic fields to uncap and unleash the keys to your next-level wealth - and now we’re teaching the cutting edge energetic techniques, nervous system re-patterning and mindset shifts to help you sky-rocket your ability to receive AND HAVE overflowing abundance.

We want to make the most of the upcoming pure and potent ascension energy frequencies.  We plan on harnessing this time to weave our magic and maximise the next-level abundance we know is our birthright - and it’s your birthright too.

We’ve been exploring concepts like sustainably expanding beyond what you thought was possible & bringing your nervous system and body into the highest frequencies of your soul.

We’re inviting you to three hugely transformative training masterclasses, on the key activation/transition dates 

20th Dec - moving into Solstice 

Initiate yourself in your multi-dimensional soul legacy channel. We'll be building out the full field of your soul's highest timeline in 2020, so you're tapped in and utterly aligned in your big, energetic flow of soul. And we'll show how to assimilate those codes in your body too! 

30th Dec - transitioning New Year 

Once your soul legacy field is expanded +++, its time to grow your receivership field to meet it. 2020 is the year of womxn claiming their big wealth desires and learning to welcome those riches into their cells. We'll be crystallising your DNA to the full abundance of your destiny - including how to align yourself to energetic wealth + physical money flows. 

10th Jan - prep for Lunar Eclipse

January is the potent anchoring time. It's our time to land the new energies in your body, your life and the world beyond.  We'll be setting up our grid templates for the year ahead to electrify our passion and readiness to show up in our big magic.

Hi! We're Melissa & Carly.

We knew that during these potent energetic times it was crucial for both of us to be up-levelling to our highest dreams and desires for 2020 and beyond.

We've been devastated by the level of habitat destruction and homes lost in Australia in our climate change fires. By the digging in of corporate greed and white supremacy structures, holding us back from a truly collaborative and equal future.

We have all felt the quickening - as if there is no time left to waste and we all need to contribute to a radical consciousness awakening. YOUR SOUL WORK IS NEEDED.

On a personal level, we could feel the intensity, we were experiencing the death of our old identities as our true selves took up more space in our lives.

We've heard so many of our clients speaking to how intense or confusing these times have been, even when they know they are being activated in big ways.

We came together to chat about how we could really lean into this 2019/2020 transition. 

We wanted to support each other to supercharge. 

We wanted to leverage the energies of this time to step into our highest timeline.

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So we decided to guide each other through these powerful activations and processes and we thought you may like to come along for the ride?

Come and add your energetic field into the powerful vortex we’re creating.
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Sign up for the Supercharge 2020 Masterclass Series and get access to our wildly popular program: Rich & Radiant at a hugely discounted price


You'll also receive instant access to these bonuses:

✶   Six-Figure Soul Practitioner Training (Value: $1000)

✶   Amplify Your Light Masterclass Three-Part Training Series ($450)

✶   Luminosity 12-Day Audio Series (Value: $230)

✶   Cosmic Light Connection Activation (Value: $75)

✶   Live Your Highest Potential Training Series (Value: $300)

✶   Soul Incubator Seven-Video Training Series (Value: $500)

✶  Abundance Cellular Healing Guided Activation (Value: $99)

Yep, that's $2,654 worth of bonuses!

During this time, you also have an opportunity to buy Rich & Radiant at a discounted price! EPIC! So if you haven’t learned the foundations of the Sovereign Light Field of Riches, you have access to it STRAIGHT AWAY!

Plus over $2500 of bonuses!

This is the most powerful content either of us has taught all year, a confluence of both our desires to enter the new decade with a crystal clear energetic slate, alight with the luminosity of our legacies and the light-filled riches to match.

Watch live and in your own time, and be given practitioner-level tricks, tips and guidance to orient you into the magnificence of your legacy and your natural place of receiving overflowing abundance in your life.

We’re peeling back the curtains to show you EXACTLY what we do to grid up our upcoming years (and decade!) for supercharged success!

You’ll also receive guidance on a powerful process to complete at the turn of the new year and a PDF with 10 incredibly activating journal prompts to orient you to your new earning & giving normal.

Are you ready to rock 2020 and this new decade with a supercharged Sovereign Light Field of Riches for your next-level desires (and the planet’s)?

Join us!



Creator of the highly successful Anchor Your Light Program and The AMPLIFIED Mastermind, Carly Stephan is a mentor and coach for women who want to inhabit their most exalted state, guiding them to align with their inner light and step into their power. Her mission is to guide women to liberate their potent life force energy and live at their highest, light-filled potential in every moment.

After over a decade working as a program manager on international humanitarian development projects for communities, Carly began to explore what it is that humans need to access their inner light. This marked the start of her own awakening journey, which she first shared as a blogger in 2013. The high demand for her work led her to launch her highly successful coaching business in 2015. Carly now uses this experience, along with her extensive professional capacity development experience and intuitive abilities to guide hundreds of women into their own light. She does this through her booked-out private 1:1 mentoring program Illuminate, her Mastermind, and her online group coaching programs.

Melissa Sandon is the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy, creator of Soul Leader School, the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, Embodied Soul Guide certification and the Soul Centre Healing Model.

Melissa believes we’re in a potent time of earthed soul - where we choose to show up in the world with our full energy field, where we speak our truth and let the fire within us create personal, social, environmental & global change.

The Soul Medicine Academy works with women all over the world as they awaken their souls and choose the greater legacy of their soul.