Special message from Melissa:
Your soul work wants to be alive in the world.

Let it.
6 Week Energetic Leadership
Group Mentorship

for soul work vibrancy, regenerating your expression & growing a thriving community of clients straight from your channel
(in a way that enlivens YOU)

Experience the energetics of being in your soul work channel, in coherent devotion, deep ease & electric inspiration. 
Do you know the desire for your soul work to be alive in the world?

Do you desire to attract the most wonderful humans as clients for wild collaboration?

Do you long to unlock an abundant expression that fills like deep truth & overflow and pure resonance for your soul community?

Have you ever felt like your creativity gets interrupted by focussing too much on the external social world and losing yourself to comparisonitis & self-doubt?

And it starts to feel really blah to be cutting yourself short on what you know you want to create & do & make an impact with?

You can't quite put your finger on it, but you know you're here for so.much.more.

And you know your work is valuable and wants to be in the world.

The planet is calling your heart to show up.

But......and this is the super important bit for soulful leaders....you also don't want it to come from the push.

Been there. Burnt out. Done that.

And your whole body feels like its not the way forward.

All you have to do is look around the world and see how humans have emptied out this planet with the hustle & grind model.

There has to be another way.

Less about popularity & obsessing about likes, and way more about transmitting your unique resonance in a way that contributes meaningfully to others.

More about letting your soul work spill forth in a way that feels good.

Where you express the source energy of who you are and let that magnetise your community to you. 

This program will explore your unique body + energetic rhythms for being tapped-in to your source, aligned in rich expression and innovating your leadership to build a movement of Earth impact. 
This 6-week immersion will awaken you across 6 core areas of transmitting from your deep abundance as a leader & letting your soul work be a force of nature:
This program was created through my own deep & personal need to regenerate my energy resources & my body's capacity to thrive and innovate in changing times.

More and more, I believe we're all being called to divest from structures that have us playing roles & following old paradigms, but emptying us out (hello, online business & social media landscapes).

Instead, the essential source of who we are and our original connection to an infinitely creative universe is where we will create innovative dreams that change the world.

That means that being tapped into your source and aligned in your channel as an act of wild contribution.

It is the place where our New Earth will be born.

The shift is already happening - out of  superficial and disassociated social trends and into the abundant devotion to the creative work that you're meant to bring to the world.

My vision is that more of us stay in the passion of our soul work, coming straight from our source, in our own lane and creating a movement of great change.

In short: we stay connected to what is truly important and we become a part of the rising tide of hope in the world. 

What if the source of your abundance came from honouring & amplifying your own rhythm & your original soul state?
Align to your origin source to be a magnet of energy in the world
Learn the secrets of soulfully selling your soul work straight from your channel, in overflow and deep desire to share

This program will guide you back into the potent and rich energy source of who you are and into symbiotic richness with your living field of soul work.

You'll be guided to unlock the unique rhythm of who you are and how to amplify that magic of being in connection with your body, nature, soul and world.

We’ll tap you back into your authentic passion so you can be turned-on in your soul work and create a community of amazing humans who are in deep resonance with what you’re sharing. 

We’ll guide you to be:

✹ In a healthy, sustainable & abundant relationship with your soul work - letting your work speak for, and fuel, itself

✹ Tapped into your big why & embodied in who you are

✹ Resourced & in your unique rhythm

✹ Aligned & lit-up in your soul work channel

✹ Leading with your energy & in intimacy with your community

✹ Clarified in what you’re sharing

✹ Activating & asking for collaboration (sacred selling!)


straight from your soul  

During this 6 week group energetic mentorship, you'll be guided by Melissa Sandon to learn & amplify your unique energetic potency to lead & sell your soul work. 
You'll receive:
✹ Mature relationship dynamics between your leadership and the field of your soul work

✹ Honouring your current resource levels and tending to your own regeneration and connection

✹ Teaching on the unique energy flows of your expansion codes & how to harness your magnetic, wild, abundant, deeply embodied self

✹ Energetic activations to instantly tap you into your soul source

✹ Guidance on connecting with your big why & legacy vision, including how to activate a potent soul channel for free-flow expression

✹ A new energetic template & somatic currency for your expression & receivership

✹ Discourse on the new economies of feminised & abundant leadership & being a maverick who doesn't play by the social media + online business rules

✹ Clarity on how to attune to your client's desires, to activate others in your marketing and to invite wild collaboration for your clients

✹ Activation of your innovation and curiosity/playfulness to welcome new opportunities for creating community in unexpected ways
Join this 6-week journey & use your investment as a deposit in our year-long soul leadership mastery program.

If you've been feeling called to our  year-long Energy & Soul Mastery Certification, you can join this 6-week mentorship  and it will count towards your first instalment & knowledge-area. 
Creating a movement of women being who they are & changing the world
Melissa Sandon is the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy and creator of a new field of energy & soul science that supports women to become the lit-up, passionate & enriched feminised leader of her soul work.

Melissa believes we're in a potent time of earthed soul - where we choose to show up in the world with our full energy field, where we speak our truth and let the fire within us create personal, social, environmental & global change.

Through new soul technology such as the Soul Keystones and the Journey of Awakening your Soul Work, she loves guiding soul leaders to awaken their highest purpose, embody their power and creative high flow, grow their wealth potential and create the legacy they were made for.

She is the Creatress & lead teacher of the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification, Embodied Soul Guide Certification, Earthed Soul Awakening program and Legacy Leader Mastermind.
“My business has tripled and I’ve called in opportunities I thought were impossible. But more importantly, I’ve deeply anchored into my connection with my soul & mama earth which is the catalyst for it all. Soul Medicine Academy’s training is next-level and really helped me to uplevel my life + biz!” 
Amy Lea | Human Design Guide | Soul Astrologer
"I downloaded & launched my soul business within the first 3 months of the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification and signed up 2 soul mentorships"
Hazel Kaiela | Soul Guide


Our planet and its people are calling us. Your dreams are tied to the Earth.

We are an integrated part of this world. What happens to the land and to our collective bodies, happens to us. Soul work exists through four rhythms: our relationship to body, soul, earth & world.

Our wildest future cannot be created without solving our disembodied destruction: ecological collapse, colonization of indigenous people, oppression trauma, mass extinction, climate change disasters & wealth inequality.

If we’re going to create an extraordinary future, thriving in harmony on the living planet, where empathy & possibilities co-mingle together......then we need every human to unlock their vibrant, deeply embodied potential.

Our bodies always know the way. We’ll explore the abundant, natural, wild bio-rhythms of who we are - to change the world.

Re-wilding | Regeneration | Resourcefulness | Revolution

This is a journey of creating your living legacy, on the living planet. 

Acknowledgement of Country

The Soul Medicine Academy headquarters are based in Brisbane, Australia (traditional name: Meanjin). This is the place we work, play, live, heal and activate our soul work. We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the traditional owners on this land. We recognise that the land was never ceded and we pay our respects to the Elders, past and present as the holders of the memories, the traditions, the culture and the spiritual wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the nation.

We acknowledge before European colonisation, the land, the river and its tributaries were the source and support of life in all its dimensions and we cannot do our soul work on this land without this recognition.

In the spirit of reconciliation, respect and partnership, we will invest in learning, and being guided by, the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Soul Leader Policies