Unleash a constant stream of riches & desires,
​​​​​​​effortlessly & on high flow, straight from your soul.

So your soul can create magnificent change in the world.


NOT by doing or striving more, but by unlocking WHO YOU ARE, embodying the codes of the sought-after leader & becoming the frequency match for the extreme riches that the world is already over-flowing with.

So you never have to worry about your bank balance or trying to attract clients again. 

And importantly, so you can offer the gift of richness to every single human on the earth.
Get your pre-work immediately & start your journey soon after. 
& we're going to teach you the secrets to receiving constant abundance & money into your bank account, as you invoke the highest-level service of who you are to the planet

Over the last few weeks, we’ve have been creating epically activating soul codes of transmission for one another, to support the construction of our sovereign light fields of wealth.

We were going to do a free mini-video training for you, to give you a taste of what we have been doing behind the scenes, a little tidbit to give you a hint of what our secrets are, and what we hold for one another while we expand our soul fields into infinite possibilities.

But then, that didn’t feel right.

And then, soul stepped in and demanded that we open ourselves up wide and share ABSOLUTELY everything with you: bring the codes, activations and embodied magic directly to you, and create billions of dollars of value in the world as a result.

The offering  wanted to be magnificently luminous, potently deep and amazingly supportive for a select group of women who are really ready to attune to the wealth of their soul and open their river of receivership and abundance WIDE.

And she wanted to be called:

We would love for you to join us for Rich & Radiant if:

✶   Untap the flow of LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES & lock in your energetic frequency to match the cash, connection, love & success you yearn for

✶  Be in easeful alignment to receiving a high flow of opportunities, abundance and magnificence, repeatedly.

✶   Turn your life around and make money + impact in your soul work.

✶   Activate your ability to receive on ALL levels.

✶   Release and clear the limiting beliefs that are looping through your life and keep you small.

✶   Elevate your frequency and vibration to the woman (YOU) who is already  rich and radiant.

✶   Embody the expectation of success and abundance within your personal energy field.

✶   Become unapologetic about who you are, what you’re here to do and who you’re here to serve.

✶   Unshackle from the limiting patterns locked into your life, and begin to decommission from society’s expectations of you.

✶   Heal and transform yourself at deep, core levels (without getting stuck in constant cycles of ‘processing’).

✶   Anoint yourself as the New Earth leader you are, regardless of where you’re at right now. (And STOP waiting for others to do it for you.)

✶   Leap into the field of possibilities for your life and learn how to do that, repeatedly.

✶   Back yourself completely and be done with waiting for other people to do that for you.

✶  ​​​​​​​ Step into your personal power and sovereignty

✶  Ignite and empower all within your sphere of influence to align with their highest potential and riches, by being the example AND taking purposeful action.

✶  Rewrite the templates of abundance, flow and receivership within you, in order to heal any stories of lack in your lineage.

✶  Hold the possibility within you of soulful women earning and receiving high levels of cash and abundance.

✶  Commit to sharing YOUR soul gifts with the world and opening the flow of riches from your own river of abundance.

✶  Connect who you are, your mission and your service to the highest good of humanity, the earth and beyond.

Uplevel Your Field For Maximum Soul Wealth & Earth Passion
Recalibrate your whole being to become a vessel for the riches overflowing all around us as we live our purpose on earth
How to Make Money Being Who You Are - Your Energy Is Your Money-Maker
Unlock the encryption codes of your creation super-powers and expand into your highest-level service

How To Be A Match For Your Highest-Level Desire
Lock in the certainty of who you're here to be & what you're here for so humanity can receive your transmission + value

Unleash Your Birthright Value & The New Earth Resources
Revolutionise your consciousness as a Rich & Radiant Leader and easily tap into limitless creative & wealth energy all day, everyday and let over-flow become your natural state

Receive (& Give) Money & Love Effortlessly And Straight Away
Decommission yourself from the hard work, servitude model and create a field of joy as YOUR CLIENTS GET RICH paying you and you get rich giving to the world

Valuing Your Millionairess Contribution To The Earth
Step into the truth that who you are and your work creates miracles for others, your very existence generates millions and millions of value for humanity

The Greatest Investment (& ROI) You Can Make Is In Your Dreams
Channel constant wealth to invest in your wildest dreams & greatest earth service with joy 

​​​​​​​✶  6 x Weekly Activation PDF Exercises + Videos delivered straight to your inbox.

✶   6 x Live + Recorded Zoom Teaching Calls with Melissa and Carly.

✶   Rich and Radiant Facebook Group support, peer connection and networking.

✶  6 x weekly Laser-Coaching Hour of Power Sessions with Melissa and Carly in the Rich and Radiant Facebook Group.

We've decided to share some our most intimate choices in our own soul work business and that's why we're offering this extra special, bonus masterclass to pull back the hood in our own businesses. 

In one of the most powerful trainings we've ever run, we're going to share what exactly each of us is focussing on to generate limitless riches in our business and what we would do if we had to start our businesses from scratch, TODAY. 

This conversation is going to be SO important, because so many soul women are losing themselves in the constant noise and trends of the online world. 

How do we stay in the alignment of our soul's desires, how do we actually create work that's meaningful, how do we attract our soul clients and make good money?

How do we make a luminous contribution to the world and receive divine compensation for that?

We're going to share it all and the power we're channelling to stay in our own lane as we do business in a busy world. 

You'll also receive instant access to these bonuses:

✶   Six-Figure Soul Practitioner Training (Value: $1000)

✶   Amplify Your Light Masterclass Three-Part Training Series ($450)

✶   Luminosity 12-Day Audio Series (Value: $230)

✶   Cosmic Light Connection Activation (Value: $75)

✶   Live Your Highest Potential Training Series (Value: $300)

✶   Soul Incubator Seven-Video Training Series (Value: $500)

✶  Abundance Cellular Healing Guided Activation (Value: $99)

Yep, that's $2,654 worth of bonuses!

The Rich + Radiant Program with Carly & Melissa includes:

6 weeks of activation & support
6 training modules (+ a super special surprise!)
6 weekly live calls and transmission videos for you to tap into a higher field & cellular, dna shifts
The incredible bonuses listed above (that will change you forever, even before you start)
A never-seen-before healing model for wealth & riches, so you'll be able to shift, clear & activate the Sovereign Light Field of Riches template

This content you can have on repeat (for life), to elevate you and keep you tapped in during the program and for as long as you desire. 

We'll have an exclusive members only site and we'll send you all the amazing bonuses & pre-work immediately. 
​​​​​​​Get your pre-work immediately & start your journey soon after. 

Creator of the highly successful Anchor Your Light Program and The AMPLIFIED Mastermind, Carly Stephan is a mentor and coach for women who want to inhabit their most exalted state, guiding them to align with their inner light and step into their power. Her mission is to guide women to liberate their potent life force energy and live at their highest, light-filled potential in every moment.

After over a decade working as a program manager on international humanitarian development projects for communities, Carly began to explore what it is that humans need to access their inner light. This marked the start of her own awakening journey, which she first shared as a blogger in 2013. The high demand for her work led her to launch her highly successful coaching business in 2015. Carly now uses this experience, along with her extensive professional capacity development experience and intuitive abilities to guide hundreds of women into their own light. She does this through her booked-out private 1:1 mentoring program Illuminate, her Mastermind, and her online group coaching programs.

Melissa Sandon is the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy, creator of Soul Leader School, the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, Embodied Soul Guide certification and the Soul Centre Healing Model.

Melissa believes we’re in a potent time of earthed soul - where we choose to show up in the world with our full energy field, where we speak our truth and let the fire within us create personal, social, environmental & global change.

The Soul Medicine Academy works with women all over the world as they awaken their souls and choose the greater legacy of their soul.

We’ve created this program because frankly we’re sick and tired of soulful women not claiming the value of who they are and what they’re here to do. That the  value they’re creating in the world is currently not matching up with what they’re receiving in compensation.

We are holding this container for one major, drastic, revolutionary idea: that soulful women get paid (and paid well) for their service to the planet. We want soulful women like you to claim and stand for the riches and radiance that is your birthright, and for YOU to witness the explosive ripple effect of catalysing and inspiring everyone around you to claim and channel their luminosity and riches too.

Our entire earth benefits when money gets into the hands of women who are soulfully aligned and committed to bringing their light and gifts to the world.

When you step out of merely surviving to make ends meet and into the energy of thriving - you finally have the space, capacity, and opportunity to see how you contribute to the bigger picture, how you are a crucial part of the intricate web that is humanity.

You become aware of the greater legacy that you wish to leave behind when your current swings around the sun are complete.

You soulfully attune to and participate in causes and organisations that you feel passionate about, assisting the earth and humanity beyond your immediate sphere.  

And WE (Carly and Melissa) are absolutely certain that this is a crucial step in supporting the collective to awaken and ascend into higher levels of consciousness.