Learn energy & soul science & launch your own soul work

Energy & Soul

Mastery Certification

The Energy & Soul Mastery Certification combines deep soul work, sought-after practitioner skills, quantum business activations and the new energy codes of living a truly enriched life.

Activate your intuitive embodiment & become an

Embodied Soul Guide

For coaches, healers, leaders & creatives who want to take their clients deeper and become certified in Embodied Soul Guidance.

Activate your light & dark intuitive field, learn the language of soul and how to guide clients into their most potent transformation.

Women of the Soul Medicine Academy

Harness your natural leadership

Leader of Soul Types

Activate the channel of your soul leadership and learn your unique way of bringing through your soul work in richness & highest possibility. Find your natural Leader of Soul type:

  • Luminary Leader
  • Creatress Leader
  • Visionary Leader
  • Starseed Leader
  • Embodied Leader
  • Earth Leader
  • Soul Leader
  • Ancestral Leader