What’s your frequency? Wiring yourself for pleasure & riches through the cosmic orgasm of your soul.

We all have a frequency that sets the limit of what we experience in the world. Because of our personal & collective history, scarcity and fear can lock into us and we can’t attune ourselves to the higher flows of abundance & riches available to us.

When you know how to connect with your soul, you are shown the cosmic orgasm of life. In this podcast, we explore how to invoke those higher states of pleasure & flow in our lives, re-wilding ourselves from scarcity mentality.

In this podcast, we cover:

– personal & collective lineages of fear / scarcity

– what we’re taught to believe

– only tapping into a limited bandwidth

– wiring yourself for abundance and energy overflow

– melting into the cosmic orgasm of your soul

– choosing to focus on your richness & possibility


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