The Soul of the Earth & You

Today I want to share some soul science about the soul of the earth and the greater design of why we as souls have incarnated and how that feeds into the work you do, the energy you bring and the lives you change. We’ll chat about why the earth is a celestial being on her own great creative evolution and what she needs to fuel her next leap. And where you come from too!

We’ll talk about how to align to this higher and greater purpose – beyond any need for approval or validation. How your energy and passion and magic is all that is required to live out your extraordinary human potential in service to the Earth and where she’s going. 

And how aligning to your bigger why will shake up your life, especially if its time to let go of the old roles and identities and I’ll share more about how I’m currently in this shakeup and finding it really tender to let go of all of the ways I’ve tried to be worthy and avoid failure. 

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