The Power of your Inner Masculine

There’s a time for every woman that she just has to claim it. 

Command her brilliance and stake her claim on the most radical riches. 

No questioning. 

No demureness. 

No making sure everyone else is ok with her taking her place. 

She just does it.

She invokes her full-body f**k yes. 

Driving her magician’s staff into the ground and letting the whole universe feel the electric, impenetrable force of her will ripple out around her. 

The feminine wave of awakening has been healing, restorative, for the Earth.

It's unravelled us from pandering to a patriarchal society, all the numbness, all the hidden places of tension that creates massive dissociation on a personal and collective level. 

It will be a feminised society that builds a new future too. 

But a truly liberated feminised woman/leader has a very healthy, integrated relationship to her masculinised power. 

(speaking about feminine and masculine as energies, not genders, here. If it works better for you substitute feminised with earth and masculinised with light)

Her masculinised power is her will. 

Her choice. 

Her command. 

When you lose your ability to will your desires into being, your creative energies waft around in deep flow and random direction. You may feel like you’re all in your flow, but nothing is anchoring your creations into reality. 

Every creation needs the audacity of your will to land it. 

Where you plant your feet and say:

“I know who I am”.

I am the eternal light. I am the pulse of life. I am the Creatress. I am human. I am me. 

And I choose this. 

It is my birthright. 

And I will no longer tie myself in knots. 

I won’t keep circling around and around. Trying to feel perfection before I move on it. Attuning and intuiting, waiting until all the planets line up before I take the chance. 

I will not keep undermining my true identity.

Not the good girl or the high-achiever, but my original soul identity.

And the impact I am here for. 

I will not disassemble that for anybody. 

Commanding what you want, what you desire and what you deserve is a powerful, alchemical act of creation.


What we cover in the podcast:

0:47 The feminine wave of awakening has brought about huge healing

4:35 The shadow of being so sensitive and flow-y

9:14 Over-identifying with your work and spinning into death/rebirth cycles in the natural creative process

10:07 The certainty and power of claiming who you are

11:35 How to create a fierce & intentional energy channel through your whole being to anchor you in your desires

16:51 How you are being called to integrate your healthy masculinised energy to command your power in the world


What we mention in the podcast:


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