Spiritual Flakiness, Excuses & Soul Commitment

Spiritual flakiness is when someone backs out of a soul commitment they’ve made to themselves because of fear and doubt. It’s when we use intuitive language as excuses and unconsciously dismantle our dreams.

The world needs your gifts and that means its time to learn to stay in the trenches of your becoming without walking away. We explore what happens when you stay in the story and turn away from the commitment you’ve made to your soul.

In this podcast, we cover:

– projecting onto leaders, coaches and programs without being self-responsible

– the tendency of womxn leaders to use ‘intuition’ as an excuse not to commit to their soul

– detouring and hijacking your growth

– creating a new paradigm of enriched & earthed leaders who back themselves

– growing our tolerance for discomfort and fear

– how abundance only comes when you show up to your soul

– a simple truth about manifesting




To ignite your light-field in your cells
and instantly elevate into your highest possibilities


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