Manifest your BIG soul desire

Hello Earthed Soul. I’m coming to you from a writing retreat on the Sunshine Coast, we’ve got some exciting projects this year coming up at the Soul Medicine Academy – bringing through the Soul Centres in a bigger way and also more on the personal activation of your soul centres to energise you on your soul path and also our new and updated Energy & Soul Mastery Certification is re-launching in the next few weeks with lots of exciting launch activities – and I just knew I needed to be looking out at a vast horizon to be in my most channelled soul state. 

As I’ve been here, I’m naturally starting to reflect on my own desires, where I am in my life and what next steps would be the ones that lead me to places full of light. The bigger, deeper ones.

All of us will have a desire that we’ve been journeying with, for what feels like forever. It’s the desire closest to our soul. It’s often the one we’ll continue to dance with, we’ll meet all our patterns with, we might even have a love, hate relationship with.

You’ll find many parts of your life interact with this desire – your body, relationships, career, purpose, finances. It weaves across our whole life, and that’s why it often can be the desire that is most complex to manifest in physical form. 

In today’s podcast, we’re going to explore how you can energise this desire into being, across all areas of your life. 




To ignite your light-field in your cells
and instantly elevate into your highest possibilities


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