How to choose your highest possibility timeline in everyday life

Today I wanted to share a little insight to how I follow my soul’s highest possibility or timeline in my day-to-day life. How I use soul to make business decisions, to manifest my desires and keep really intimate with those I love.

We’ll explore how we are constantly making decisions that can be governed by so many factors: where our nervous system is at, how we’re feeling, the amount of energy currently in our system, what we’re afraid of, our cultural imprints, our identities and roles. 

But this is an amazing tool I use multiple times a day to ensure I can make choices and do actions directly from my soul. It’s really powerful but really simple too. 

And it will change your life. 

What we cover:


  • What is your highest possibility or timeline
  • Blindly making choices from the dross of your old identities
  • Technique of following the soul coherence
  • Expansion can still bring up fear – sometimes you have to be willing to go through the fear
  • You’re channels have to be open – field + body – be aware of making decisions because they feel good or are easier



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