Feeling stuck & paralysed. Moving forward on your big dreams

We all know what its like to feel paralysed. We have big desires & dreams and yet our fear can hold us back and keep us stuck. How do you ‘unstuck’ yourself?

How do you increase your setpoint for abundance and keep on expressing? Melissa explains the science and then gives you a truth-telling on why you’re here and what to do.

In this podcast, we cover:

– feeling paralysed in your business + life

– how your survival system is wired for fear

– how old feelings and memories create protection patterns and limiting ideas

– our internal set points for abundance and pleasure

– bringing a light of illumination to what’s really going on underneath the surface

– how to embody your feelings to collapse limiting beliefs

– how to tap into a bigger vision to energise moving forward

– why we all need to stop wasting time on our dreams




To ignite your light-field in your cells
and instantly elevate into your highest possibilities


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