Expression MAGIC – untapping your maximum contribution value

[Note: this episode was creating while travelling without our usual podcast equipment! Back to our professional magic in the next episode!]

What if your greatest service was to unleash the magic that can only be expressed through you?

That you devoted to your maximum contribution value instead worrying about what to say, what you have to give, what others might think. You stayed in the channel of your brilliance and learnt to tap into the hearts of your soul clients and speak directly (and only) for them.

This expression magic creates a vortex that is captivating, magnetic and enriched. Fame and glory aren’t your soul goals, activating the hearts of others with your truth is.

In this podcast, we cover:

– diluting your magic through comparison and competition

– creating from the devotion of giving your maximum contribution value

– being in the joy of unleashing yourself and serving your soul clients

– unlocking your magnetism

– being born to give your truth, with freedom and passion

– creating massive abundance when you do


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