Erotic Embodiment + Manifesting – your body is MAGIC

Your soul chose the body you have. And yet we spend so much time wishing that body was different, without realising it is the magic that powers your desires. Without your body, your soul dreams won’t come true.

There is a phenomenal amount of latent power that can be unleashed with erotic embodiment, for your highest potential. In this podcast, Melissa explores how to claim your soul’s contract with your body to unlock your manifesting magic.

In this podcast, we cover:

– being at war with our bodies

– our soul’s highest choice is the body we have

– the untapped erotic power we have and how that can anchor in our manifesting

– how many healers + coaches aren’t embodied and how that’s stalling their dreams

– how embodiment moves you into soul activation

– the phases of embodiment – its not all about healing trauma


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