Dialling In Your Soul Team

What if you could have masses of multi-dimensional support to fuel your soul work + creative desires?

And also – if you’re just relying on yourself and trying to pull your dreams from your own body – it can feel hella lonely (and heavy) sometimes.

The secret about soul work is that giving it freely is meant to feel like joy.

Like you’re being uplifted and penetrated by all the wonder of who you are and you can’t not give it in passion.

And that passion is received by your soul-mate clients and they seek you out – arriving from places you never even predicted (I just had an amazing woman reach out from Beirut – rocked my world + I’m so grateful to meet this amazing soul).

So here’s the soul science with this:

Your soul work is not sourced just by you. To amplify your magnetism and the ease of flow of your soul gifts in the world, we must partner with the higher forces available to us.

And, your soul has already partnered with huge, loving power-houses:

  • the Earth
  • the Soul of humanity (because it’s igniting your legacy)
  • the hearts of your soul-mate clients
  • the cosmos

Dialling in these forces to your field allows you to embody an energy field that does the work on your higher behalf.

Because as a leader of soul we lead with our energy.

The more you effort, the more you dilute the forces of magic already working on your side. Allowing multi-dimensional support is about letting your frequency reach further and wider than it could just by your body only.

It tenfolds your magnetism – but also holds you in grace. So you can be full and resourced to do your soul’s work.

In today’s podcast on Dialling in your Soul Team, I’ll be sharing how you can dial in the higher forces in your field to amplify and embody your energy as a leader.

How I invest in my energy as the highest priority for my work + leadership, but also I play in the surrender to create mode by tapping into these higher forces.

It’s the way I stay in the higher frequency and deeper legacy of the work. When my field is turned on, I know I’m on the right track!

And I’ll be sharing them in this latest episode of the Earthed Soul Podcast:

Dialling in Your Soul Team – embodying higher support for your magnetism & manifesting



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