Believing your dreams are possible with Janice Ong

Have you ever felt like your dreams are too big and you just don’t know how ‘you in the life you live now’ can achieve it?

You might think of the vision - so bright, so luminous, so extraordinary - but suddenly you’re feeling like: ‘who am I to do that, who am I to pull that off, am I enough, will people follow me, will people desire me’ and suddenly we collapse our possibility around the dream. 

Suddenly we feel like the distance between where we are now and where we want to be is just too big. 

What happens is we move into a state of control because we’re thinking the only way things get created in the world is if we map them out, if we plan them, if we can guarantee that we can put steps in place to make something happen.

We look at moving around the physical matter, the physical energy of this life and we look at what we need to do, the effort we need to make, to make something true.

But when you’re looking at this huge, beautiful dream, there isn’t enough physical energy or enough physical evidence in the 3D that shows you that it is possible. Because the dream comes from somewhere else. The dream is not found in your comfort zone, the dream cannot be moulded and prepared and controlled so that you feel good the whole time. It’s meant to stretch you. It’s meant to humble you. 

The dream is meant to invoke you to become more than you ever thought you could be. To embody the magic of life and the mystery of creation. To be in awe and curiosity as you are compelled into a future you could never dream of.

So when you’re looking out at your dreams from who you are now, the roles that you play, the identity you’ve held onto…when you’re looking at your dreams from who you were in the past, thinking that this is all you can be, then you’re not actually creating dreams, you’re expending energy and investing your life force in staying the same. 

You’re applying a huge amount of energy in trying to hold the identities you’ve always held to stay safe, to stay in the comfort zone and control your experiences and minimise your pain.

But your dream says ‘that’s not who you’re meant to be as a leader, that’s not who you’re meant to be as a woman or change-maker’. You’re meant to be cracked open, you’re meant to be surrendered, you’re meant to be wild. 

You’re meant to go where the magic is without knowing what’s going to happen.

The most exquisite, pleasurable dreams are meant to be out of control. They’re meant to be so big and beautiful, that you feel inadequate. Your humanity is meant to be stretched, your vulnerability is meant to be turned up, your mind is meant to be broken open because you literally can’t figure it out with your mind.

I know when I’m in the biggest creative flow with my possibilities, is when I’m allowing myself to be messy. When I’m humble and not trying to be perfect. When I’m asking higher forces to show me the way. When I’m letting myself called forth and pulled through. When I’m choosing intimacy and connection and love with extraordinary humans, rather than fame or popularity or showing a certain polished or perfect image.

When I am undone by the dream, then I know the dream is alive. Because vulnerability is a power. 

Humility, the softness of saying ‘I don’t know how this is going to happen, but I am not in control’. Imagine that?! We’re not in control. 

Ponder how much your need for control is actually downsizing your dreams. Your need to have certainty is the way you hold yourself back. What if it wasn’t about your physical circumstance, what if it wasn’t about your desirability, or how popular you are, or how you’ve been rejected in the past, but what if it was about your capacity to say yes to something more. 

And your tolerance for discomfort and your choice to commit to something truly meaningful, even when you don’t feel enough. Especially when you don’t feel enough.

And you can find those moments and learn to breathe into them, and let your discomfort be an erotic energy of creation. Let your uncertainty be the moment you say yes to surrender and let the dream create you.

Energetically, our dreams are in our soul state. Our dreams are in the place where there is so much energy and magic, but also so much mystery. So if you think you can map it all out and plan your next five years and know exactly what’s going to happen, then its likely you’re not in the soul state of the dream.

You’re not being undone by your dreams and being called forth into your magnificent self. Which doesn’t have to be about ego. It can be about service. 


So, in today’s podcast, we are working with a phenomenal woman, a coach, leader and change-maker. Her name is Janice Ong.

Janice is in the place where her dream is so alive but yet sometimes the dream feels impossible. The dream feels too big for who she is. The dream feels like it shuts down her expression, rather than lighting her up.

In this Energy & Soul session we explore how she can come alive without needing to break through or fix her perceived sense of brokeness. That maybe her vulnerability and insecurities that she’s not enough is her secret power. 

More is calling her.

We have to find that why ourselves and then choose to live from that why. To source our dreams and lives from that place without solving our vulnerabilities. To grow our capacity for uncertainty and discomfort. 

To learn how truly powerful we are when we’re in the erotic stretch. 

I would love this for so many more women to lean into not knowing how things are going to happen.

What is going to be required of you, not knowing how its going to get done. 

But to be willing to do what it takes, willing to show up to it, because the dream is so precious. 

Because you are here for aliveness. That is your greatest value and you want to share it with the world. 

The other beautiful thing about this session with Janice is that she starts to learn her full potentiality in her field. That she is naturally available for taking up so much more space. That her natural soul essence is wild and vast. Her field commands attends. It commands the room.

We see her open up.

What happens energetically is we live opposite our natural power. If we spend all our time pretending we don’t have power, we start to believe it.

We start to believe we’re not here for something extraordinary. We start to play small, we play meek.

We energetically reorganise ourselves to be in that small place. 

What happens for Janice, is that she starts to recognise where she is sourcing her dreams from is not her true power.

We explore her connection to pain and motherhood, the role of daughter and good girl.

She explores her patterns of self sabotage and how she holds herself back and has centred her need for control to minimise her own pain more than her need for joy by giving her gifts in the world. 

And when you’ve finished listening to the episode, make sure you come into the Energy Rich Soul Leader Facebook Group to share your experience and what activate for you! 



I'm following an intuitive hit to do something very different this season with our Earthed Soul podcast.

I wanted to stretch myself in more vulnerability, but I also wanted to encapsulate so much of the magic and transformation that happens in our client communities at the Soul Medicine Academy.

I wanted you to have an opportunity to receive a juiced-up infusion of energy & soul arts.

In the hope that it is exactly the inspiration + fuel + clarity you’ve been waiting for to create the spark for extraordinary change in your life.

So, we’ve decided to make this season all about live activations of energy, so you can receive a real-time transformation of your own field, through witnessing another leader being guided through an energy & soul experience.

I’m going to be inviting members of our community onto the podcast LIVE to receive a 1:1 energy & soul activation with me.

Not only is it real and vulnerable and electric for these women to be baring their souls for all of us, but the way energy works in a co-joined field, it will also impact us all.

When you arrive with your presence, you are co-experiencing the magic.

For these activations, we’re specifically selecting leaders for live sessions who are experiencing the common themes for all of us: like witchy wounds, expression, money, relationships, sexual aliveness, leadership & attracting clients.

When you listen to the podcast, you’ll experience the energy in your own field and I guarantee, it will change your life.

The way to maximise your opportunity for activation is to join us each week when we release the podcast, participate with your full energy and then head over to our re-opened Energy Rich Soul Leader Facebook group where we will have a post up for discussion.

When you’re over in the Facebook group, I’ll be popping in there once a week to answer specific questions you have and be giving you intuitive guidance too.

I’m so turned on for this season of the Earthed Soul Podcast: Live Energy & Soul Activations!!




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