Alchemising anxiety & hope during extreme climate change devastation

A spontaneous, unplanned podcast this morning! I woke up to a city blanketed in smoke. For the 3rd day in a row, I couldn’t go hike the mountain because the smoke has got into my chest and I’m coughing. I’ve got it easy compared to the people who are fighting for their homes, the fire fighters who have been working non-stop and the animals who are being killed in the most horrific of ways.

The whole East Coast of Australia is raging with fires. Has been for weeks. It’s part of a devastating pattern of more intense, more frequent extreme weather events across the globe. No country, no person is free of the impact or responsibility to how we’ve been living on the planet. The science is irrefutable – it’s getting worse.

It’s time to talk truth about this journey of profound healing we’re all in – on Planet Earth.

The Earth feels like she is erupting. Devastating fires are wiping out pristine rainforest in Australia, killing hundreds of thousands of animals, bringing our koalas to extinction, destroying peoples homes, losing lives and clouding us in thick smoke that is hard to breathe.

How do we, as soul women with big dreams, move through these times? How do we alchemise the grief, anxiety and rage we feel into hope – without turning away or numbing it out?

How do we tune into what’s really happening?

In this podcast, we explore the truth of these times, the big emotions, the pain and the possibility. We’ll chat about the Earth’s four Soul Centres within her crust and how we’re can’t abandon her – we have to sync up with her rhythm most of all.

We’ll explore the four Soul Centres in the Earth and how she has new codes and renewable resources to gift us, but only if we can stay close to her, opening our bodies and feeding our soul into her. This is our greatest ever collective healing – we are all required to show up to it.

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