Thank you for your patience in this conversation.

The Energetic Soul Business Mistressmind has been activating me like nothing else!

We created it for women in soul business to quantum into their soul legacy - to supercharge their service in the world.

It’s my soul-fire, genius-zone. I’ve had the privilege of mentoring soul leaders, visionaries, earth agents, authors, speakers, innovative healers, women creating new modalities of innovation.

There is nothing I love more than guiding these women to unfurl their field and be utterly magnificent.

I love watching her claim the big vision. When her field becomes so luminous it lights up the room. I love her learning pleasure in making good money. When she channels ideas that bring communities together and create new futures of prosperity.

I especially love it when she creates her own enterprise - teaching her own body of work.

At the Soul Medicine Academy

On the Academy front, we have a new, thriving team of 5 women and we’re on mission to awaken the souls of individuals all across the globe.

We’re also creating a new paradigm of a regenerative, soul-based economy, growing into a multi-million dollar business from a multiple 6 figure business.

Why I created the Energetic Soul Business Mistressmind

When I launched the Energetic Soul Business Mistressmind, I wanted to share the secrets of the light-speed change I’ve been enacting in my own life.

I wanted to gather a group of women for this grand experiment of accessing our full soul state and creating our soul businesses from the overflow - in ease, joy, passion and service.

Together, I knew we would quantum our impact + livelihoods.

And then, I chose a price for the Mistressmind.

I tried to bridge the gap between the power of the Mistressmind and where I THOUGHT my clients were at financially.

It started to feel misaligned.

I felt the dissonance between the price and what I was personally investing in this Mistressmind: the investment I’ve made in my own business, the energy I’m channelling and results I’m offering.

And I knew the price I offered did not reflect this full value.

I know the holiness of a woman investing in herself. Because she knows the multiplying value of her gifts. Because she believes in her business results.

Because she believes in her leadership.

When I downgrade the value of my offerings, I also downgrade the expansion of possibilities for her.

And I’m not willing to do that.

The value and impact of the Mistressmind is a $15,000 investment for a 6 month journey.

The Energetic Soul Business Mistressmind is a container for women to enact their next-level soul business - who are ready to actualise their higher vision as a soul leader.

It’s where you receive high-touch mentoring from me and amplified activation. It’s where we become the vision every day and you easily sell, teach, share and earn money from this vibration.

Our flagship Energy & Soul Mastery Certification creates life-changing impacts for our students.

In our Mastery Certification, women create new bodies of soul work, they launch or uplevel their soul business, they crystallise their transmission as a change-agent leader.

The step into their big-vision soul work AND get qualified in the frontier of new soul science.

It’s an incubator and qualification program of epic value.

It’s $10,000 for a 12 month group mentorship.

Myself and our incredible trainers are with you every step of the way - because soul mastery needs this space.

When you compare the costs of our university degrees, cars, holidays etc  - this is a value that will keep amplifying and multiplying.

The Energy & Soul Mastery program sets YOU up as the regenerative, appreciating asset - to be the quantum manifestor of your life.

This is high soul value and we believe is one of the most powerful investments a woman can make. 

So what does that mean for you and I?

And this incredible conversation we’ve been having about your participation in the Mistressmind?

Well, firstly, thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable in real-time.

Far out, all my good girl entrepreneurial tendencies wanted to rear their head with this one.

You can’t back out of a sale.

You’re leaving money off the table.

You’re letting people down.

All the things.

But I champion and teach expanded soul science.

And believe our authentic truth is way more valuable than any quick buck we can make.  

Secondly, we will be running the Mistressmind.

We are so in love with the field we’re creating for the Energetic Soul Business Mistressmind.

We’re excited to gather a group of phenomenal soul women who are ready to take their businesses into the overflow, light-speed activation of their legacy.

We are now offering this investment for $15,000 for 6 months and will begin in September 2019.

If your soul is READY to leap into this stellar container and invoke your legacy at your next high level…….

……..please let me know and I’ll lock you in.

You and I will then have a session to get started on your critical pre-work.

Thirdly, I would love to personally invite you into the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification.

Many of the women I’ve spoken to about the Mistressmind are actually a perfect fit for our Energy & Soul Mastery Certification.

As I mentioned, we have the most innovative program of soul work, business activation & energy & soul practitioner qualification.

Meaning you get to upgrade your soul work and cultivate sought-after practitioner skills to serve your clients - on the stage, in your projects and for the future of humanity.

We support you to:

  • Learn the secrets of advanced energetics and soul expansion
  • Become a Soul Centre practitioner (not taught anywhere else in the world)
  • Master the leadership energetics of activating your clients, inviting them into expanded, revolutionary states so they can naturally live in their highest soul timeline
  • Download and create your full body of soul work - they knowledge base you are here to bring to the world
  • Effortlessly and joyfully leap into launching new projects and offerings
  • Cultivate an enriched business from overflow - from your natural magnetism of a leader
  • To create a rich livelihood, through your leadership

In this program, we have weekly activations and laser-coachings, business incubators, soul work hot seats, practice sessions, mastery retreats.

I’m wondering if you would love to join us in our Energy & Soul Mastery program?

It would be a pleasure to mentor you in your mastery of your soul work.

Just click here to chat directly with Melissa about the Energy & Soul Master Certification or the Energetic Soul Business Mistressmind. 


Melissa Sandon and the Soul Medicine Academy team