Learn how to
weave your own

Come join us for a free night of intimate connection & embodied soul, to explore the gifts you are meant to unearth and the powerful space you can ignite for another human being. 

Attend in-person or via streaming online
6-9pm Thursday 23rd August
Paddington, Brisbane, Australia
Hey woman,

Have you been getting those intuitive hits, signs from your soul, that tell you its time to do something about your fascination with the world of energy & soul?

Are you feeling the tension of not fully expressing yourself, of leaving your gifts unfulfilled?

Do you know that you would freaking love to learn how to weave energy & soul medicine as a practitioner and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to claim this? 

The Soul Medicine Academy is holding a free experiential night of embodied soul and energetic perception. You'll learn how to drop into the layers of your own inner world, release old energy and begin to heal unresolved emotions. You'll learn how to hold the space for another human being and tune into where they're at (one of the most potent skills of the practitioner). 

Yep, you'll practice it live on the night and you'll leave having some new, awesome tools under your belt. 

It doesn't matter what skills you have or how nervous you might be about rocking up - you'll be welcomed into the space and guided into intimacy - with yourself and the other participants. 

You'll also see some fascinating energy & soul in action - we'll give a live demonstration of our most radical practitioner gifts and you'll hear the experiences of students in the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification.

On the night, you'll learn:

+ How to embody your own emotional and energetic world to perceive what's happening within you

+ How to weave light + dark forces as a practitioner

+ How to hold co-created soul space with another human being for their highest transformation

+ How Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioners channel the multi-dimensional elements of soul to anchor them into the earth for real change​​​​​​​

+ How our year-long certification program qualifies students to master their own soul gifts and develop their unique soul work (not become carbon copies of our methods)


Giveaways & exclusive bonuses on the night!

We'll be giving away some free energy & soul sessions on the night and also a great financial bonus to join our year-long practitioner certification. Make sure you attend live! 

Before you RSVP! 

We intend to create incredible free value in this event. We will lovingly hold space for your wildest transformation on the night. We ask that you only RSVP if you create the space for it and make sure you can attend. If you meet your resistance leading up to the event, you commit to moving your fears and harnessing your courageous heart to still attend (we're introverted ourselves, we know what its like!). 

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