Energy & Soul Medicine Assessment Criteria

In order to become a certified Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner eligible for association membership and insurance, the following must be completed and submitted within the next 4 months (last date due: 1st November 2019):

1. Evidence of Your Soul Work 
  • Submit your Unique Healing Blueprint
    • complete your own version of this document with your specialised modalities / gifts / knowledge areas. 
  • Submit your Healing Toolkit
    • list the energy & soul processes you conduct to harmonise energy for your clients.                                     
  • Complete a project on your Body of Soul Work
    • Express this via your desired form of delivery, which may be via writing, video, live demonstration, audio, visual etc. Within this piece you must include:
      • The overarching philosophy and/or direction of your Souls work, 
      • The core pillars that comprise your Soul Work (e.g. the greater structural themes that define and encompass your work),
      • The story of your Soul Client, and 
      • A detailed description of the journey you would/do take someone one.
2. Evidence of E&SM Practitionership & Mentoring
  • Complete your signature Transformational Journey on 3 x clients 
    • This is equivalent to 6 fortnightly sessions over a 3 month period. 
      • Two of the series must be completed with clients that are external to the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification.  
      • Please submit relevant documentation for each of the client case studies above. This includes all practitioner notes and any other relevant material
  • Detail a program of work you’ve received from someone who is either: 
    • A graduate of the Soul Medicine Academy, 
    • A current student, or 
    • Someone outside the Academy who is holding a vast energy and Soul field. Please contact the Academy if you wish to discuss if who you’ve worked with meets this criteria. 
3. Evidence of Soul Business
  • Provide the link to your live and online business website/webpage 
    • Demonstrate the written invitation into your soul work via your work with me/ offerings sales page.
  • Share the grand experiment of selling your soul loud and proud
    • Your legacy is actualised when you bravely and wildly call your soul clients in. Without this, your passion stays a hobby and you don't realise the impact your Soul is here for. This is why we ask our students to become coherent and expanded around easily selling their gifts to their soul clients.
    • We don't believe in formulas and we're not here to tell you that you must become an Instagram influencer or funnel fanatic. We're asking you to start playing with your expression and calling people into your work.
    • In this section of your assessment, please allocate one month to be actively sharing, marketing and selling your Soul work, and then noting the outcomes of this (or, if you are already selling your services, look back retrospectively). Prior to this month commencing, map out how you are going to show up in your business to educate your audience and call in your Soul clients. In doing this process, we wish for you to normalise the expression of your Soul work. 
    • At the end of this month, write a reflective analysis on what you undertook. What expressive and selling-based tasks did you complete? How did they go/what were the outcomes? What would you do differently moving forward?
4. Evidence of Course Participation 
  • Attend and participate in at least 80% of live trainings. 

Assessment Criteria:

  • In requiring the above, we are not subscribing to out-dated paradigms of learning and assessment where we must perform and be validated via grading systems. 
  • In this assessment process, we ask that you give your full and expanded dedication to these tasks (knowing that doing so will also be of benefit to your Soul and Soul work!). Demonstrating this will be the mechanism by which you receive your qualification. In this, you may be asked to dig deeper and bring more of yourself and your Soul to your assessment criteria after review by the Academy. You will be contacted by an E&SM trainer after submission who will discuss this further with you if required. 

If you have questions or queries about any of the above criteria, please contact the Academy prior to your assessment due date so we can assist and support you. 

We look forward to seeing you step into the becoming of your Soul work as an Energy & Soul Mastery Practitioner!

Melissa & The Soul Medicine Academy Team