Soul Medicine Academy presents

Apprentice Pathway



As a part of the apprentice pathway, there will be two forms of exchange in order for you to participate:
1. You will be required to attend one event and act as an assistant to our current students. This will also allow you to go deeper with your learning. At these time you are required to be at events all day.
2. You will also need to be available to help answer questions and show support in the private Facebook group for our current students.
All of those who join the apprentice pathway will get bonus bi monthly group coaching calls with Melissa in return for their service, and also the opportunity to depth your learning in a powerful way. 
Simply fill in the form below and submit your application.
PLEASE NOTE: If you can not attend Bali 2018, or Brisbane in 2019, there will be additional opportunities to attend as an assistant with the opening of our 2nd round of the Practitioner Certification for 2018 . Dates to be announced soon