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For established (or early stage) coaches, healers, leaders & creatives who want to take their clients deeper


Become accredited in an embodied soul transformation method

3 month dual certification in Embodied Intuition™ & Soul Guidance and Soul Centres™


You're a coach, a healer, leader or creative. You already do good (heck, amazing) work in the world.

And even if you haven’t started your soul biz yet, you know you want to.

But your current skills can only get you so far with your clients.

Because what’s happening WITHIN them is EVERYTHING.

Emotions. Energy. Beliefs. Soul.

When we try to guide someone into their desires without the new-edge feminine arts of embodiment, deep intuition and soul-led transformation, then we miss a whole world of potential with our clients.

It’s like strategy without spirit.

Goals without guidance.

Treatment without transformation

It just doesn’t spark without the soul.

You can’t create sustainable, loving change on the physical realm without first transfiguring the inner self.

Your clients want to be guided so deep they find themselves.

They want to learn how to tune into their own intuition.

Clear their field and channel the most resonant and aligned guidance from their soul.

You know if you could work with your clients at THAT level, then they would crack their internal code and experience real change.

They would find their magic.

And the work you do with them would hit a whole new octave.

You, with your gifts, have the potential to bring a whole new level of soul for the people you work with.

Embodied soul guidance takes your clients deeper and higher

It works to harness the forces of soul and call through the original power of your clients using embodiment, activation and soul transformation.

It’s about becoming a powerful guide of the soul realm and infusing it into the work you already do.

In this unique 3-month certification, you will learn two powerful and sought-after modalities to enhance and expand the work you do with others:

Embodied Intuition & Soul Guidance™ and Soul Centres™

You’ll be initiated as an Embodied Soul Guide, and Soul Centre Intuitive and Energy Mistress.

Gail Schie

Learning Embodied Soul Guidance from Melissa has changed my life. Passing this on to the clients I work with is like passing the gift on. To be able to know ourselves, empower ourselves and feel the deep fulfilment that comes with being seen and heard is truly precious.

The body is a gateway and becoming practised at moving through the dark to the light is such a beautiful practise. I’ve come to know and love my body, feel my way through my world, open my Heart, illuminate and clear what’s hidden, and be in tune with my guidance and higher purpose. I have the tools and skills to transmute and transcend. I’ve witnessed myself and danced with my Soul.

It’s a joy to share this with others so they can be empowered on their own journey of healing and discovery. The path to peace, calm and happiness we all seek.

Gail Schie, Soul Nuturer |

Our clients are expecting WAY more from the leaders they work with.

They want real depth. They want someone to help them cut through all.the.stuff and into the heart of what’s really going on for them.

They want straight-up soul truth, so that whatever they create in the world is full of potential and intimately tied to their personal purpose.

They want to be seen for all they are, their light and dark, their fears and brilliance. And they want to learn how to exist in a world of enriched experience, re-writing the stories of over-giving, insecurity, sacrifice, performance and working-to-death.

To do this, we have to meet them in new and stellar ways.

To go deep and high.

To resolve long-held emotions and old ideas.

Embody new creative potential and experience it as real within their bodies.

Or get clear on their legacy so they can be an intentional and active force of light in the world.

When your clients learn to claim their own unique truth, then everything they do begins to infuse with more soul and truth.

And clients with more soul creates more soul in the world.

Your work becomes a direct transmission of spirit.

And that is what the earth is really craving.

Melissa Sandon in a workshop

No matter how potent your coaching, how stellar your healing model, how creative your art…

If your clients aren’t becoming their own embodied soul guides, learning the tools to meet and transform themselves... then we aren’t initiating them into their Sovereign Power with our work.

We aren’t taking them where they really desire to go.

When I first started out as a kinesiologist, I felt all kinds of clunky with the procedures and techniques I had learnt.

It felt like I was only taking my clients so far.

I knew there were deeper wounds we weren’t uncovering. Soul guidance I couldn’t access. Patterns that kept showing up. Dreams not claimed and made real.

I would do all sorts of amazing techniques while they were lying on the massage table and they would walk away feeling good, but no more the wise on how to call upon their own power.

I saw a massive epidemic of beautiful, soulful women completely disconnected from their bodies. All the amazing healing they were doing wasn’t sticking, because they didn’t know how to find themselves in their bodies.

We would keep healing and healing, talking and talking, but not getting sustainable, real-life results.

And if I’m being really truthful, I couldn’t guide my clients into the portals of potential within them, because I hadn’t learnt how to access my own.

This fuelled years of discovery for me. I found old texts about the art of finding your soul through the sensations of the body, I played with standing my clients in the middle of my clinic and asking them to dance their desires or hold their field while being seen and heard for who they really are.

I practiced how to channel the forces of magnetism, creativity and riches through my being, through the art of vibrating and resonating with them at my core.

I channelled the soul realm, met my soul and her council and learn how to conduct multi-dimensional healings and activations.

That’s when my work changed.

I saw myself less as a kinesiologist and more as an embodied soul guide and intuitive coach.

I let go of procedures and instead trusted in a creating a space of fierce and potent soul truth, teaching my clients how to find their own power and ignite their own forces of potential.

And that’s when my business started to thrive.

I attracted the most amazing clients, clients who were wild and daring, deep and open.

I became booked out. Because it seemed others were wanting the same secret juice I had found within myself.

They didn’t know why the old way wasn’t working, but they knew deep down they were ready to step out of the guru model and into the mastery/mystery of their own soul.

This certification program is created by the Soul Medicine Academy because we know there is a need in the transformational marketplace for amazing coaches, healers, leaders and creatives to go deeper with their work.

They know their clients are wanting more soul and they know it’s time to step up and innovate their work with new energies.

They want to be the kind of guide who has lazer-intuition, tapped into the spirit world (because business these days is all kinds of spirited), earthed in her body and possesses the most crazy-cool (and sustainable) transfiguration skills going around.

We created this for you.

Who this is suited to:

A Coach...

...who wants to work in a deeper, more embodied way with her clients. You know there is stuff that wants to be felt, acknowledged, cleared and expanded within your client, inner transformation that is going to make your results so much more epic and sustainable.

A Healer...

who has learnt many wonderful things but knows there is a whole realm of embodied soul wisdom, powerful divine feminine arts that she can incorporate into her toolkit.

A Creative...

...who is already pretty intuitive with how she does her art, but when working with clients is ready to channel soul and go a whole lot deeper.

A Beginner Intuitive...

...who knows she wants to work with people, wants to do beautiful healing work with her gifts but she needs support to uncover her healing superpowers.

How it works

An Embodied Soul Guide is, well, embodied. Meaning she has activated and integrated her truth within her. It’s not just about going higher and higher into spirit, it’s about becoming the lived and breathed resonance of the new energy she desires.

And it’s about holding the kind of electric radiance that draws her clients, colleagues and collaborators closer to her.

And that’s why we’ve developed this certification to ensure you’re not just learning the embodied soul art, but you’re becoming it.

It’s one part knowledge and practical skills you can integrate immediately into your work and one part embodied experience, to make sure you’re feeling the new awakenings deep within you.

This is a Level 1 Initiated program

Undertaking this will give you a powerful foundation and easeful mastery of using embodied soul guidance, intuition and soul centre activation in your work.

If you find yourself falling in love with this (we know you will!) and want to take your studies to an advanced Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner level, we have an exciting upgrade opportunity that you can take up anytime now, during or after after your study (and we’ll fill you in on this below).

Two streams of qualification


  • Personal activation of your soul and self
  • Embodied experience to take you deeper and higher into yourself
  • Personal practice of embodiment, body awakening and soul exploration
  • Exploration of each of the 7 major Soul Centres in your own field
  • Learning to hold your field as a coach, healer, leader or creative


  • Formal knowledge and accreditation in working as an Embodied Soul Guide & Soul Centre Intuitive (adding these skills into your coaching, healing, leadership or creative work)
  • The skills to begin working with individuals immediately
  • Applied mastery in the new wave of divine feminine arts and emotional/energetic embodiment
  • Option to register with a professional body: The International Institute of Complementary Therapies and be insured to practice.

Culminating in the qualification and professional certification of two modalities:

  1. Embodied Intuition & Soul Guidance™
  2. Soul Centres™

Platinum Training Provider, International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Eloise Meskanen

I was blown away when I started working with the Soul Centres. They create deep cellular change and re-wire the energy body at a more profound level than most other modalities I’ve tried. Healing through the Soul Centres helped me to shed layers of trauma, conditioning and self-sabotage, allowing me to successfully start the business I’d been dreaming of for years without constantly being blocked by fear and self-doubt. This is powerful inner work and will change your life - and your clients lives - for the better.

Eloise Meskanen, Cosmic Mentor |

So what exactly is Embodied Soul Guidance and what on earth are Soul Centres?

Embodied Soul Guidance is the art of holding space for another (or many) as you guide them into their body with advanced intuitive and embodiment skills to meet their soul.

It’s the space where the client learns how to work with their own energetic forces, how to make peace with deeply embedded emotions and beliefs so they can clear the leakages and blocks within their system and get way more potential and possibility flowing.

When a client harnesses their own Embodied Soul Guidance, they open up intuitive channels to their own inner wisdom, getting clear on who they are and their vision and experiencing (sometimes for the first time) the power and magnetism of the being they are.

In this potent soul space, they explore how it would feel to be a sovereign, intentional Creatress of their desires, resurrecting the courage to believe in why they are here and what their greater contribution is.

An Embodied Soul Guide will use practices like embodiment, core pain illumination, meeting and resolving limiting beliefs, inner child healing, channelling soul guidance, truth-telling and energetic field recalibration.

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The Soul Centres are an innovative soul clearing and activation modality which illuminate and harness the deepest energetic portals within us, responsible for channelling our soul into the world.

The Soul Centres aren’t found anywhere else in the world and have been downloaded and activated by the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy, Melissa Sandon.

Anyone who comes into initiation of the Soul Centres is blown away by the potential of these energetic portals and how they accelerate and quantum leap someone’s personal transformation journey.

In short, they create the space for miracles.

When working with Soul Centres, you will learn to clear origin and life-long soul patterns, release the deepest wounds, harness higher fields of potential and channel the radiance of the light body into the world.

The Soul Centre Accreditation teaches you how to become an Intuitive of the 7 major Soul Centres. Once you have mastered the first 7, you are ready to be activated in the final 10 advanced Soul Centres.

You will be accredited to use and activate the Soul Centres in your work and will hold a lucrative position of being one of the very few who have been initiated in them.

The juicy part of this accreditation is that you will go through a journey of activating your 7 major Soul Centres. As you do, your innate vibrational code will align to the truth of your soul and you will morph into your radiance.

Watch every single area of your life change in alignment with your desires!

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Overview of our journey together

Month 1: Mystery

Embodied Experience: Become an embodied soul guide, open your field, resolve old, old emotions and beliefs, create a personal practice, activate your light + dark intuition

Knowledge & skills: How to guide your clients with embodiment, how to identify the core pain and beliefs underlying EVERYTHING, how to guide your clients to clear their pain and beliefs, transformation techniques of the Embodied Soul Guide

Month 2: Soul

Embodied Experience: Channel your own soul guidance, activating the portals of your own soul, specifically the Earth Soul Centre, Creation and Power Soul Centres.

Knowledge & Skills: How to illuminate core soul patterns, how to activate and transform the Soul Centres, why working with the Soul Centres is revolutionary to your client’s transformation journey, how to guide your client to meet and connect to their own soul guidance

Month 3: Guide

Embodied Experience: Activate your higher centres: Heart, Expression, Wisdom & Spirit Soul Centres. Master intuitive information from spirit.

Knowledge & Skills: Explore how to incorporate embodied soul guidance & soul centre intuition into your work, understand the scope of your work and how to hold your boundaries as a Guide, harness your sovereignty and become a fierce advocate for your client’s sovereignty too, learn why most healing isn’t sustainable and how to bring through new energy transformations as an Embodied Soul Guide.

Live training with Melissa + the embodied soul team

We’ll have two calls a month, and you’ll get the recordings.:

  1. The EMBODIED EXPERIENCE call is where we take you into your own personal awakening and integration of this new energy you’ll use with others.
  2. The YOUR SOUL WORK Q&A - how to play with the new knowledge, how to use it with clients and how to integrate it into your work.

We'll also share your brilliance through the academy

We’ve got a new Soul Medicine Academy practitioner database coming out for our Energy & Soul Practitioners. And we’re including a very special space for our Embodied Soul Guides so we get to shine your radiance out at the world. You’ll be able to list the work you do and how you’re incorporating Embodied Soul Guidance + Soul Centre Intuition into it.

Chakra Chart screen shot

Bonus: Chakra Chart & Workshop

Even though we’ll be learning the deepest energetic portals to your soul, being able to work with chakras is still pretty awesome (and powerful) for your clients. That’s why we’re going to be gifting you a specialised Embodied Soul Chakra Chart and a free practitioner workshop to go with it – so you can illuminate chakra patterns and blocks for your clients & help them clear them!

The embodied soul guide certification + Soul Centres Certification

Melissa Sandon

Meet Melissa Sandon -
Founder & Creator

As well as being the Founder of the Soul Medicine Academy and Creator of the Soul Centres (™) Melissa is a Soul Leader Mentor, Kinesiologist, and Energy Medicine Teacher.

Creator of Soul Leader School and the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitionership Melissa is an experienced teacher, coach and mentor who brings an embodied and soulful approach to everything that she does. Melissa’s intuition and chanelling of soul guidance is potent and she will guide you with fierce love and belief in your magnificence.

Melissa is your lead guide for this Certification and will be the transmission point for the training.

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Kathryn Hocking

Meet Kathryn Hocking -
Certification Mentor

Kathryn Hocking is a Launch Strategist turned Soul & Energy Medicine Practitioner who discovered the immense power of combining the strategy and the soul in her business.

In 2017 Kathryn completed the year long certification with Melissa Sandon and was so enamoured with this work she has joined the Soul Medicine Academy Faculty.

Kathryn has now worked with over 30 clients using the Soul Centres and Soul Guide modalities.

She knows first hand the impact of this training and will be here to support you as you progress through this certification in the Private Facebook Community and on the Live Training Calls.

A qualified trainer and coach Kathryn is super passionate about helping more women experience these modalities and provide greater depth to their clients.

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Hayley Donohue

Meet Hayley Donohue -
Soul Medicine Academy Client Care & Operations Manager

Hayley is the Client Care and Operations Manager for the Academy and oversees the smooth running operations of all programs within the Academy.

Hayley is the prime point of contact for questions and support and ensures that your experience is seamless and smooth.

Heck yes, I'm in!

3 Month professional certification


Pay in full
(Save $238)


(One payment)

 Payment Plan option


(Three payments)

Payment options

I understand when I sign up to the Embodied Soul Guide + Soul Centre Certification, I receive:


  • 3 months professional training to become a certified Embodied Soul Guide and Soul Centre Intuitive
  • Practitioner-level embodiment, emotions, energy & soul skills to integrate into your existing work or begin doing transformation work with others
  • Training and mentoring by Melissa Sandon and her lead trainers – 2 live calls a month
  • Complete 200+ pages Soul Centre Healing Practitioner Manual
  • Invitation to attend future Embodied Soul Guide workshops
  • Student forum for discussion and feedback on how to integrate your new skills into your work
  • Alumni upgrade discount to advanced programs, including the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification

Simarni Haveaux

Melissa’s teachings and activations on Soul Guidance and the Soul Centres has been a huge catalyst for growth and transformation on a personal level and in the work I do with clients. It filled the gaps in what I felt was missing in any other training that I had done, creating opportunities for deep self-discovery, connection and healing at the core in a grounded, embodied way. It’s so refreshing and revolutionary to have these tools and resources that speak directly to what’s really going on at a deep, cellular level. To have our own personal recognition with that and then to be able to create those big shifts with our own clients as well has created so much sustainable depth and magic, and I’m truly grateful for this work. I’ve come home to who I really am, at a Soul level, and have opened up my expression, claimed back my power and feel confident to rise up into the Leader I’m being called to be. All while co-creating with my Soul, so I never feel alone or under-resourced.

Simarni Haveaux | Soul Medicine Guide and Energy Healer

Beta opportunity
3 certifications for the price of 1

When you enrol in the Embodied Soul Guide Certification it becomes a perfect introduction and Level 1 accreditation to the Energy and Soul Practitioner Certification.

The Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification is our signature YEAR-long energy and soul medicine journey into your unique and powerful gifts as a leader and a practitioner.

The Embodied Soul Guide Certification gives you the fundamental activation and preparation for you to be ready to take your soul gifts to a whole new level.

That’s why in our BETA round of the Soul Guide Certification, we are offering women who know they’re meant to be in our Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, the opportunity to sign up for our year-long Energy & Soul Cert AND get the Embodied Soul Guide Certification + Soul Centre Accreditation as bonus preparation.

YES, you heard right. 3 certifications for the price of 1. When you enroll in both programs together. That’s $1997 in additional free accreditations, all primed to support you to become a leader of your field and the most sought-after healer-practitioner-guide around.

Interested in continuing on but want to experience the full magic of the Embodied Soul Certification first?

Great, we love you and we know you’re going to love this certification. For all students who choose to upgrade at any time during or after the program into the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, you will receive a $1000 discount, meaning that you only pay $997 for this incredible 3 month training.

(Discount is provided when signing-up for the full Practitionership reducing the listed price by US$997.)

How is the Embodied Soul Guide Certification + Soul Centre Accreditation different to the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification?

We know there are a lot of amazing coaches, healers and creatives already doing incredible work in the world. They love what they do but they know there is an opening for them to go deeper with their clients and facilitate powerful intuitive insight, healing and soul activation to leverage their work.

But they might not be ready to sign up to a year-long energy & soul certification. It might feel too out-there, too-woo, too much of a commitment (or they don’t know how they’re going to fit the in-person training elements in). A lot of coaches, healers, leaders & creatives want to keep doing what they do, only with a whole lot more soul.

We at the Soul Medicine Academy have a mission to bring powerful soul transformation to as many hands and hearts (and ultimately souls) as possible.

That’s why we knew there was an incredible body of foundational work that we could bring to coaches, healers and intuitives that would get them trained up in the new way of feminine embodied intuition AND a pretty exciting method of Soul transformation which is not found ANYWHERE else in the world.

We also know it’s a great stepping stone into our signature Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, getting you ready and activated to channel your unique body of soul gifts, if that’s where you feel called to go (trust us, once you start playing with this stuff, you’re hooked for life – in the best possible way).

On a practical note, the information you will learn and the method you will be accredited in will revolutionize the way you work. It is deep and potent and is the essence of how we do embodied intuitive coaching and deep soul guidance + transformation.

If you go onto the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, you will step right into an advanced mastered qualification of the art of energy & soul medicine. Everything you learn in our Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification will be new, depthed or more advanced than what you learn in this 3 month qualification.

Energy & Soul Medicine teaches a complete body, mind, energy, emotions & spirit approach to transformation. You learn an extensive advanced practitioner curriculum of deep soul awakening, embodiment, mind + brain reprogramming, energetic weaving + clearing, emotional healing + resolution and activations.

If you want to be a potent practitioner AND a leader of her own unique gifts, we recommend joining the year-long Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification.

Embodied Soul Guide + Soul Centres will teach you how to take your clients into an embodied transformation state, where you learn how to access soul wisdom, illuminate deep patterns to move with and support your clients to clear, activate and heal. You will learn the new way of embodiment and deep healing and also a powerful, not-taught-anywhere-else model of working with the soul – the Soul Centres.

Platinum Training Provider, International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Heck yes, I'm in!

3 Month professional certification


Pay in full
(Save $238)


(One payment)

Payment Plan option


(Three payments)

Payment options

Got a burning question we haven't answered, or just want to connect with a human?

My team is available to answer all your questions so that you can feel 100% confident this dual Certification is right for you So don’t hesitate to send us an email at and ask away!

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Now more than ever, we desire integrated, soul-led and embodied coaches, healers and creatives to guide us into ourselves and allow us to shine.

We desire in-the-trenches leaders to guide us deeper AND higher.

You can already feel the yearning in your heart and the readiness of your clients to take it to the soul level.

And we know we’ve created the simplest and most time effective solution for you to dive into the energy & soul arts in a grounded, foundational way.

When you qualify as an Embodied Soul Guide and Soul Centre Intuitive, you will have the skills to do healing and emotional resolution, soul channelling and embodiment with your clients.

You’ll ensure that you are working on the edge of the new energies, becoming the embodied resonance of the work you’re bringing.

This program will allow you to become initiated and to bring new, professional and practitioner skills into your work. If you desire to take it further, you’ll be clear and ready to do so.

Come join us to learn energy & emotional science and these powerful portals of soul that are not taught anywhere else in the world.

We can’t wait to SKILL you up with EMBODIED SOUL.

A final (serious) note

By purchasing this course you agree that there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges, particularly if you change your mind or your energy changes.

This Certification invites women to work through their resistance to what their soul says yes to and to stay the course. Allowing yourself to stay committed to what you say yes to begins the manifesting process of your true soul success.

Before you commit to this journey, please tune into your heart and soul to see whether this is a big, aligned yes for yourself. Are you ready to a new level of powerful soul guidance and healing modalities for yourself and your clients?

If yes, I am so honoured to go on this journey with you.

We encourage you to dive in and absorb the structure and energy of this certification and honour your commitment to your soul journey and therefore our team won't be drawn into conversations about changes of mind or experience after your purchase. This is not a subscription membership site.

I honour you and the work you put out in the world, just as myself and my team honour the time, effort, energy and soul we put into delivering the absolute best transformational experience for you.

Let the soul magic begin!