Below is the Extended Payment Plan Purchase Form for Soul Medicine Academy's Embodied Soul Guide & Soul Centres Certification

**Please see below for our full refund policy and consider this carefully before purchasing.

Embodied Soul Guide Certification + Soul Centres Certification is a soul commitment. We do not provide refunds, unless as required under Australian Consumer Law.
We stand 100% behind the quality of the Certification and the support offered.
When you sign up for this program, with either a full-pay or payment plan option, you are committing to the energetic container. This means that you will be able to flow over the duration of the course with the natural yin and yang cycles of your soul.
By purchasing this course you agree that there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges, particularly if you change your mind or your energy changes.
This Certification invites women to work through their resistance to what their soul says yes to and to stay the course. Allowing yourself to stay committed to what you say yes to begins the manifesting process of your true soul success.
Before you commit to this journey, please tune into your heart and soul to see whether this is a big, aligned yes for yourself. Are you ready to a new level of powerful soul guidance and healing modalities for yourself and your clients?
If it is a yes, then I am so honoured to go on this journey with you.
We encourage you to dive in and absorb the structure and energy of  this certification and honour your commitment to your soul journey and therefore our team won't be drawn into conversations about changes of mind or experience after your purchase. This is not a subscription membership site.
I honour you and the work you put out in the world, just as myself and my team honour the time, effort, energy and soul we put into delivering the absolute best transformational experience for you.
Let the soul magic begin!