re-wilded leadership for a new future 
4-part Earthed Leadership Series on
being an abundant & alive channel of creative expression in Earth's highest honour

You've landed! Welcome to #earthed
Begins  Monday 21st June - 11am AEST

We ask that you head out to land that inspires you & start musing on how Earth fuels and inspires your soul work. Go out  and get some nature coding!

Tag us  #earthed @earthedsoulawakening to show us  your nature coding & soul work in action!

What to do before #earthed starts:
1.  Add this 4-part series to your calendar!
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4. Look out for our welcome email closer to Monday 21st  June. We'll be opening a private community group for duration of the series & will send you an invite soon. 
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Unlock your free-flow, effervescent creativity in honour of the living planet & make change as a leader
Creating a movement of women being who they are & changing the world
Melissa Sandon is the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy and creator of a new field of energy & soul science that supports women to become the lit-up, passionate & enriched feminised leader of her soul work.

Melissa believes we're in a potent time of earthed soul - where we choose to show up in the world with our full energy field, where we speak our truth and let the fire within us create personal, social, environmental & global change.

Through new soul technology such as the Soul Keystones and the Journey of Awakening your Soul Work, she loves guiding soul leaders to awaken their highest purpose, embody their power and creative high flow, grow their wealth potential and create the legacy they were made for.

She is the Creatress & lead teacher of the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification, Embodied Soul Guide Certification, Earthed Soul Awakening program and Legacy Leader Mastermind.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Soul Medicine Academy headquarters are based in Brisbane, Australia (traditional name: Meanjin). This is the place we work, play, live, heal and activate our soul work. We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the traditional owners on this land. We recognise that the land was never ceded and we pay our respects to the Elders, past and present as the holders of the memories, the traditions, the culture and the spiritual wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the nation.

We acknowledge before European colonisation, the land, the river and its tributaries were the source and support of life in all its dimensions and we cannot do our soul work on this land without this recognition.

In the spirit of reconciliation, respect and partnership, we will invest in learning, and being guided by, the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Soul Leader Policies
 re-wilded leadership for a new future 
4-part Earthed Leadership Series for becoming an abundant & alive channel of creative expression & soul work in Earth's highest honour
Begins  Monday 21st June - 11am AEST