Earthed Soul Program by Soul Medicine Academy
 Start your awakening journey now 
A deep self-study journey to awaken your body & soul with embodiment, Soul Centre activation, kinesiology & energy medicine. 

Accelerate your healing to gracefully & joyfully move to your highest next path.

Unlock the secret portals between your soul & body, and grow your intuition so you can receive your highest truth & sacred purpose.

Unleash your full power as an embodied, magnetic woman by unravelling the history locked in your body and the old ways of staying small and quiet and broken.

Learn the new ways of energy & soul, so you can weave your next-level desires into your life, actualising the bigger dreams of your soul.

Create change for the planet & humanity by expressing your true self & serving the world with your gifts.
Be guided on your own soul awakening journey while learning  new,  exciting energy & soul arts so you can quantum your possibilities, expand your abundance and liberate your body to live your next-level life of service, truth & wild dreams.
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For all awakening women who are feeling the inexplicable call to something more in their lives.

Your intuition has been tapping on you, wanting you to go deeper into the secret realms of your body and higher too, into the other-world of your soul.

 Somehow, the roles you've played in your life no longer seem to fit. You're having crazy-wild ideas about serving the world in a bigger way and unleashing the bubbling, growing energy in you.

You're ready to admit that you have gifts that are totally unique to you and those gifts are needed in the world.

You're ready to grow your intuition. You're ready to come out of the spiritual closet. You're oh so ready to grow a business or passion work with your soul work too.

You're ready to earth your soul.

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The Earthed Soul
Rekindle the power in your body and call your soul to the earth to create the change you're here for. 
(And do it without the struggle story we've all inherited).
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That's why we're going to teach you all the new Energy & Soul arts so you can guide yourself home:
 +  Embodiment - unlocking  the rhythms of your body for liberation  & power

+   Activating your Soul Centres - drawing your lightbody through the secret portals to your soul

+  Kinesiology and self-muscle testing - asking your subconscious what's really going on

+   Energy medicine - like clearing fields, healing wounds & channeling possibilities

+   Creation magic - like light-speed manifestation with the forces of the universe

+   Earthing - devoting your desires to the Earth's & humanity's causes (& becoming resourced by her)
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That's where the Earthed Soul Comes in.
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A woman with her soul in her body
is the greatest force in the world. 

Your natural way as a woman is to learn how to open the currents of your body as a way to connect with your soul.

When your soul awakes, she mobilises her sacred purpose in the world.

Because, you're not just here for yourself.

You're here for the change we all need. 

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+   Unlock your soul's intuition and learn how to ignite your highest desires into your life

+   Become a Mistress of your own body, working to your inner rhythms and unravelling your old stories to unleash your magnetism

+   Expand the possibilities of your energy field, choosing to take up space in the world with your truth and unblocking your expression

+   Activate your ability to receive on ALL levels.

+   Release and clear the limiting beliefs that are looping through your life and keep you small.

+   Channel your soul and learn the art of activating the portals to your soul: the Soul Centres

 +   Heal and transform yourself at deep, core levels (without getting stuck in constant cycles of ‘processing’).

+   Claim your sacred purpose, get clear on your next steps and quantum leap into your next-level vision and legacy

+   Connect with other change-making women who are ready to light their own fire and contribute to the world in impactful & meaningful ways

Are you ready to fully heal with grace and step into your next-level magnificence of soul?
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Pillars of Earthed Soul
Grow Your Intuition & Activate Your Soul Centres
We're going to start with a bang and learn some of the most powerful intuitive, energy & soul arts together.

You'll immediately learn how to tune into your field and receive information direct from your soul.

You'll also be introduced to the healing & activation model of the Soul Centres - taught no where else in the world.

Your old patterns will be super-charged with the new energy you ignite through your field & Soul Centres.

You'll begin to expand your intuitive channels and earth your energy, learning to harnessing both your feminine and masculine intuition flows.

You'll also learn a powerful self-testing kinesiology model to get to the core of what's really going on.
Expect Miracles

Here, we're going to re-write your relationship to abundance and infinitely expand what is available to you.

You'll learn to start channelling the higher forces of your soul to fuel your awakening. Rather than collapse in our old trauma or lose ourselves in our wounds, we're going to unlock our creative possibility to heal and tune into the higher choice of our soul on earth.

You'll learn how attune to your magic, your leadership and the resources available to fuel you as you do your soul work in the world.

This will create the alchemy for easeful, light-speed healing of your most stubborn patterns and old wounds. You'll learn how to super-charge your healing in a way that moves you through the gateway of your biggest soul lessons and into your possibilities.

Meet Your Body
Learn the art of embodiment so you can liberate what you feel within you and untap your sensual portals as you activate more magic than you've known before.

Reconnect with your own spectrum of emotions - you pain becomes pleasure, your rage becomes fire,  your grief becomes passion.

Sync your body's rhythms with the earth and learn the 3 phases of embodied awakening: embody, erupt & expand.

Fall in love with yourself as your soul lands in your body and then use your body, from a place of rich overflow, to make an impact. 

Expand Your Soul
Time to step up your desires in a big way and allow yourself the space to dream.

What is your soul's sacred purpose?

What truth lies in your blueprint?

What is the big vision that is calling to you?

In this module, we will hold a luminous field to invoke your most radiant desires. We'll also invoke the essence of your leadership - the powerful, fierce, joyful part of you that is ready to show up in the world for the Earth and humanity.

You'll also learn stellar soul arts to take into your daily life.

Enrich Your World
Time to decommission yourself from the over-working, sacrificial way of working.

In this module, we'll activate our multi-dimensional value and unlock our energetic wealth.

We'll connect to the resources of the earth, rebuild our richness in our field and fuel our next-level potential so we can create wild magic from the overflow.

We'll also initiate ourselves as Earthed-Soul Leaders who are here to devote to the expansion of this earth experience.

You'll devote to the sacred fire and move into the slipstream of your soul.
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In Earthed Soul Awakening, you'll receive:

+   6 x  Weekly Pillars to Activate & Guide you in our private membership site

+   6  x  Recorded Zoom Teaching Calls with Melissa

+   Highest intuitive, energetic & soul arts for you to learn and integrate so you can guide your own awakening

+    Introduction to the Soul Centre Activation Model, the most powerful portals to connect to your soul, not taught anywhere else in the world

Plus, these bonuses (delivered to you immediately upon purchase):

+   Soul Centre Healing Cards for you to print and use at home

+   Our most popular training: the 2-part 'Money Clearing' workshop

+   Soul Incubator Seven-Video Training Series

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Special Bonus Training!
Become your own practitioner - learn how to guide yourself through a powerful energetic soul healing session.
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As a special gift to every woman who joins The Earthed Soul, Melissa will hold an exclusive training on how to guide yourself through an energetic clearing & activation session.
+  How to use self-muscle testing to ask yourself intuitive questions and  uncover what's really going on in your energy

+  Discover which Soul Centre is ready to clear  and activate within you

+ Move old energy through you and land an expanded desire into your field

+ Clear an origin wound of the soul and re-write a new devotion
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The Earthed Soul AWAKENING  Program is your personal awakening in intuition, energy & soul
and thousands of dollars of innovative new soul skills to super-charge you onto your highest path. 
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Get this program for free!
When you enrol in the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification.
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Your teacher

Melissa Sandon is the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy, creator of Soul Leader School, the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, Embodied Soul Guide certification and the Soul Centre Healing Model.

Melissa believes we’re in a potent time of earthed soul - where we choose to show up in the world with our full energy field, where we speak our truth and let the fire within us create personal, social, environmental & global change.

The Soul Medicine Academy works with women all over the world as they awaken their souls and choose the greater legacy of their soul.

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Do I have to be a professional healer or entrepreneur to do this awakening program?

No! This is a deep awakening program for any human being who identifies with being a woman or who would love to explore their feminine embodiment as a soul.

This program will activate your next-level vision, so if you are a healer/leader/entrepreneur you can expect some magic. If you are just in it for the personal exploration and awakening, then you will meet your soul's sacred purpose and gain clarity on where you're going. 
How is this program delivered?

This program is self-paced. You will be able to unfold in your journey in your own timing, to the rhythm of your awakening. You will have access to the program for as long as the program exists. 
What happens when I sign up?

Well first, and importantly, you'll step into the field of activation. This will ignite so much magic behind the scenes for you and we totally expect some miracles and shifts to happen. Watch out for them! And then you'll be sent a Welcome Email which includes all the details you need to know AND your free bonuses immediately. You'll also receive access to the whole program to dive in. Please let us know if you don't receive that email, and check your spam/junk just in case!
I identify with being a Person of Colour or marginalised because of my gender, sexuality, race. Do you offer any way to be involved in this program if I experience barriers to participation?

Yes, we would love to support you to join if you feel called. Please email: to share more about your circumstances and we'll put a plan in place to support you. We are open to extended payment plans, additional support and feedback. 
I've lost my job due to Coronavirus, is there a way I can participate in the program?

Yes, we would love to support you to join if you feel called. Please email: to share more about your circumstances and we'll put a plan in place to support you. We are open to extended payment plans, additional support and feedback. 
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As an intuitive woman, you have a history in your cells, a remembrance of being told your gifts were too unconventional, too irresponsible, too much.

You were fed the lie, that you must stay quiet and not make waves, that you must eat your feelings and dull down your dreams.

You learnt to live in the story of not being enough, of having to fight for your desires and work til you're empty and still not receive the overflow of pleasure and abundance, lapping at your shores.

That your soul wasn't here for change and you didn't have gifts within you that would spark a revolution.

And yet here we are. In a world so out of balance we've brought ourselves to ecological collapse. In a world so oppressed, that only the ruling class, a few white men, get to control the wealth of this verdant planet and the value of the rest of us.

Something is waking you up regardless.

Here's the truth:

You are powerful beyond measure.

You are here for change.

You are meant to awaken the world with your body and soul.


It's your time.

Not tomorrow, not in a year when you've done more healing, not when you figure out how to escape your brokenness.

But now.

The world needs you, now.
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Get this program for free!
When you enrol in the  Energy & Soul Mastery Certification.
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The Earthed Program is your personal awakening in intuition, energy & soul
and thousands of dollars of innovative new soul skills to super-charge you onto your highest path. 

Acknowledgement of Country

The Soul Medicine Academy headquarters are based in Brisbane, Australia (traditional name: Meanjin). This is the place we work, play, live, heal and activate our soul work. We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the traditional owners on this land. We recognise that the land was never ceded and we pay our respects to the Elders, past and present as the holders of the memories, the traditions, the culture and the spiritual wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the nation.

We acknowledge before European colonisation, the land, the river and its tributaries were the source and support of life in all its dimensions and we cannot do our soul work on this land without this recognition.

In the spirit of reconciliation, respect and partnership, we will invest in learning, and being guided by, the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Soul Leader Policies