Content & Marketing Ambassador – Soul Medicine Academy

2 days a week (10 hrs) at the Soul Medicine Academy in Brisbane (locally based)

The Soul Medicine Academy is looking to welcome a passionate Energy & Soul Medicine Content & Marketing Ambassador into their intimate team.

The role is to create powerful content in alignment with the Soul Medicine Academy and collaborate with founder Melissa Sandon to transmit, educate and inspire our audience through video, facebook lives, social media posts, education workshops, blogs and more.

The role is unique in the sense that we are looking for someone with a passion for energy & soul medicine who is also called to express her experiences. Ideally, you will have already been through our practitioner certification so you can speak with ease about all sorts of wild soul medicine – chakras, embodiment, soul centres, emotions, soul birthing, energy medicine, transformation, dark descents + light expansions.  

But we are open to attracting the most resonate and aligned team member so you might not have been through our training but could already be a practitioner or healer or intuitive coach or a passionate, soulful woman not professional trained AND who is open to undergoing specific Soul Medicine Academy training.

This is a long term relationship, we are looking for someone to grow with us into the future and because of the energy & soul medicine training you will receive, our investment in you is long term.

We know that the ideal woman for this role is highly passionate about Energy & Soul Medicine and feels the resonant alignment with the being, ethos and movement of the Soul Medicine Academy. It ignites your heart!

We will absolutely support your own passions and soul work desires outside of the Academy, but if you are wanting to create a FULL-time business and movement with your own gifts in the near future, this position will not be right for you.

Our vision is for you and Melissa to collaborate and be highly creative with the content you create for our audience. Together you will film demonstration videos, play with energy medicine, share things you’re wowed with and open up to vulnerability, depth and soul. We are incredibly clear that we are not a lifestyle business, nor do we only speak of the light and fun things of life, so this role will require you to explore your own depths, be ok with your own dark and expand your radiance.

The role is also visible for WHO YOU ARE. You will not be a nameless person behind the content, you will be introduced as the soul woman you are, an advocate and ambassador of the Soul Medicine Academy. You will grow into conducting your own facebook lives and will also be supported to share your own thoughts and musings, with your name, under the Soul Medicine Academy brand.

We expect you to be social media savvy and you are a quick learner with technology, because the role will include learning our customer management system – Ontraport, and will also include using our photo & video editing software from Adobe. You’ll also learn how to use Canva (if you don’t already know how).

As an integral team member, we will ask you to bring your full intuitive and strategic gifts. We are a small team who seek to stay embodied with the vision of the Academy and all of us are involved in sharing ideas, insights and strategies for how the Academy desires to grow. We will ask you to step into this as well, coming up with ideas to better engage our audience, provide excellent value to our clients and stay on the leading edge of transmitting our truth in the world.

You are open and sensitive but also strong and resilient. You can tap into your light as well as exploring your raw edges, you are comfortable in who you are and you are willing to hold yourself to your truth. We all are moving through things and transforming, but each of our team is committing to remembering their sovereignty and power.

If you have not been through a formal training with the Soul Medicine Academy, we will ask you to step through our 3 signature programs (not all at once!) – Embodied Soul Guide Certification, Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification and Soul Leader School.  You will be offered these programs and qualifications free as a part of your role and this will be reflected in the remuneration (ie you will receive over $15,000 worth of training and your pay rate will go up as you complete these trainings – conditions apply).

It is a local-based role, which means you will need to be present in Brisbane, Australia for 2 days per week (10am – 2pm), with the remaining hours to be done wherever you desire (also open to Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast women who are willing to travel 2 days per week).

From time to time there will be weekend work involved when we hold events and trainings, that you would be required to attend.

Work-based rewards: On top of the $15,000 worth of formal qualifications (if you are not already a graduate or student of the Soul Medicine Academy – conditions apply), we will also offer a weekly Network Chiropractic Session (to ensure our nervous systems stay open and highly functioning!) and attendance to any workshop, event or training we hold, including our annual Bali retreat.

While you are completing your training, you will receive an annual paid holiday rate of 2 weeks (with unpaid holiday options available).

Who you are:

Ready to be seen and heard

Someone who is energised by the work and feels it a part of their own soul calling

Someone who is willing to be visible as a leader and team member of the Soul Medicine Academy and stand in their own wisdom, speaking truth.

Is ready to self-initiate creative content, inspiring soul medicine and open heart-sharing

Is so passionate about energy & soul medicine

Someone with an uplifting, vibrant, real and deep energy

Someone who is available at least 10 hours per week

Someone who is open to this being an opportunity for them and values that opportunity

Is great with social media – facebook and instagram, can do meme design in canva (or is willing to learn), facebook lives, instagram stories, hashtags etc

Is involved with our marketing strategy and funnel design – you will be responsible for coming up with ideas to target new audiences, be of huge value and service AND keep engaging people on our list

Must have own laptop and transportation to Paddington, Brisbane

General roles:

Creating inspiring energy & soul content, interviewing graduates from the Soul Medicine Academy and writing feature articles on them, supporting SMA to develop content for programs (must be creatively inspired by the vision and able to nut things out), doing facebook lives and sharing cool processes, taking video and photos

Position based in Brisbane at the local premises of the Soul Medicine Academy – 2 days per week

Please share with your Brisbane Networks to anyone you feel might be lit up by this role.