Learn The Key Secrets to Making Way More Money Being Who You Are & the Six Pillars to Activate Your Sovereign Field of Riches.
  • The amazing ability you ALREADY have for creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • The most prevalent barriers to living in the overflow and how to blast through them.

  • How to come into the natural, higher order truth of the soul work you're here to do as a creative, healer, leader & change-maker.

  • Why you're essential to creating a new paradigm of riches, renewable energy and regenerative economies as a sovereign, wealthy woman.

  • How to quantum leap your field, channel limitless creative energy and HIGH FLOW cash (and love) into your life, repeatedly.

A process both of us have used with one another, to manifest and magnetise magnificent results in our lives: 
  • A constant in-flow of soulmate clients who sign themselves up to work with us (and go on to experience epic results).

  • Consistent five and six-figure earning months, which is ever-expanding as we practice this new paradigm of riches

  • Soul work businesses that earn us a sustainable and expanded livelihood, providing livelihoods for our teams and enriched opportunities for our life

  • An amazing circle of soulful love and support.

  • Freedom and resources to live our wildest dreams - travel and experiences that completely light us up and importantly, for projects and movements of change, including uplifting the voices of revolution. 

  • Creating inspired transformational programs for hundreds of women all over the world.

Both of us could never have imagined that we’d be able to shift from the broke healer archetype, struggling and scrimping to pay bills from our soul work businesses - through to being overflowing with wealth, love, freedom and inspiration doing our highest level soul work in the world.

We know this is absolutely real and possible for you, as well!