Learn The Key Secrets to Making Way More Money Being Who You Are & the Six Pillars to Activate Your Sovereign Light Field of Riches.

If you enjoyed this free Masterclass training, we would LOVE to invite you into our new Program, Rich & Radiant - A 6-Week Program to radically upgrade to receiving everything you’ve ever desired and make way more money being who you are in the world.

We created this program because frankly we’re sick and tired of soulful women not claiming the value of who they are and what they’re here to do. That the  value they’re creating in the world is currently not matching up with what they’re receiving in compensation.

We are holding this container for one major, drastic, revolutionary idea: that soulful women get paid (and paid well) for their service to the planet.

We want soulful women like you to claim and stand for the riches and radiance that is your birthright, and for YOU to witness the explosive ripple effect of catalysing and inspiring everyone around you to claim and channel their luminosity and riches too.

Our entire earth benefits when money gets into the hands of women who are soulfully aligned and committed to bringing their light and gifts to the world.

When you step out of merely surviving to make ends meet and into the energy of thriving - you finally have the space, capacity, and opportunity to see how you contribute to the bigger picture, how you are a crucial part of the intricate web that is humanity.

You become aware of the greater legacy that you wish to leave behind when your current swings around the sun are complete.

You soulfully attune to and participate in causes and organisations that you feel passionate about, assisting the earth and humanity beyond your immediate sphere.  

And WE (Carly and Melissa) are absolutely certain that this is a crucial step in supporting the collective to awaken and ascend into higher levels of consciousness.

Will you join us in the OVERFLOW?