Want to learn how to guide someone into a soul awakening?
Learn a powerful method for creating long-lasting soul transformation
If you're meant to be a soul guide, then its time to understand the WHOLE model of soul transformation. 

And in this training, you're going to learn how to take the complete journey embodying the layers of who we are, through our soul portals and into radiant transmission. 


We don't just embody. We don't just channel our light. 

Its a complete journey of transfiguration of soul.

The truth is, not everyone is meant to be a soul guide. But if you are, you'll feel it. 

You're intuitive. You've had spiritual experiences. You're called to support others. You're highly sensitive and there is a whole world of emotions going on within you (we know, we're in it too!) 

And, at some level, you know we're in a huge awakening of soul. So many individuals are waking up to their own rich and expansive truth. But not spiritually-bypassed truth, where we ignore everything that is happening in the world - real, depthed, human soul. We're ready to do our awakening together, eyes and hearts opened to this experience of life. \

And that's why its so important to understand the journey. 

How we're meant to harness the forces of EMBODIMENT + EXPANSION.



In fact, when you become a guide of the soul realm, you'll be called to understand how to traverse and embody the emotional, energetic and mental waves that rise up through the human body. To guide others to meet their deep selves and tend to the healing that is calling them. 

And then you're going to have to know the Soul Centres. The just-discovered soul portals that call us to purge our wounds,

And then, how we're meant to hold and expand our radiance (the culmination of our light + dark embodiment). 

Here at the Soul Medicine Academy, we want every aspiring intuitive soul woman who feels called to work with others to learn this. And that's why we're holding this free training just for you.

Hi, I'm Melissa
I'm the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy, creatress of the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, Embodied Soul Guide Certification & Soul Leader School. 

I guide women to awaken their soul gifts, activate their power and fulfil the greater legacy of their soul. 

We do this through the arts of light and dark work, embodying our emotions and desires, earthing ourselves, channelling our radiance and the riches that exist within us.