What’s coming in 2019

​​​​​​​2019 is here baby! Now is the time to say yes to your soul's desires & the gifts within you. Do you feel the call to activate your soul medicine & guide others in their awakening? If so, our February 2019 round of the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification is now open! Say yes to your soul work here. 

Today is our first day back in business and woman, what a year this is going to be!

The Soul Medicine Academy is ready to step up and fulfil our legacy in the collective. For the earth and her people. We see the contribution we’re meant to make by sharing more of our knowledge and the transmission of new soul energies we’re playing with and finding new ways to give back too.

That means we have to do the brave thing and complete any patterns of hiding, distraction and containing our luminance.

Do you feel the command from your soul too?

Is it time to say yes to what you already know to be true in your heart? And to say YES, even with your fear and history and reasons that it might not be possible?

We certainly do.

And that’s why we’re sharing our commitments with you this year, as an invitation to step closer into co-creation with us. We would love to do our soul work, with you, this year.

Thank you so much for being here, we appreciate every click and message we receive from you.



1)  Soul Medicine Academy is here, for good! 

For so long we’ve been trading under the Melissa Sandon brand and its been a beautiful & wild ride as Melissa has birthed her soul work and connected with the most amazing clients. But its now time to allow the being of the Soul Medicine Academy to stretch and shine in its own essence. We have work to do to get soul medicine and awakening into the hearts of intuitive, sensitive soul womxn all across the globe. We are choosing to claim this legacy and make it real.


2)  Doors are open to the 4th (!) Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification in February 2019

We’ve had over 60 women say yes to mastering their own soul gifts and birthing and earthing their soul work for maximum impact since we launched in 2017. This round is heating up with a collective theme of channelling big luminous soul visions for our work + leadership. If this is you, we would love to chat with you!

3)  We're doing live events in the US this year! 

We've been so blessed to have our beautiful American certification clients fly to Australia and Bali to join in our live events. They've been patiently waiting for us to take the leap to hold our live events in the US.  And that's why we're so excited to head to California for the first live event for our February round of the certification! Do you live in the US and want to join our practitioner cert? Let us know!


4)  We’re starting our Advanced Soul Centre activation and qualification journey next week!

This is for practitioners and healers who are ready to expand their sovereign soul field and integrate powerful new soul energies by becoming the ONLY PRACTITIONERS IN THE WORLD who can work with the 19 potent portals of soul: The Advanced Soul Centres. You have only a few more days to join this program (and your only chance this year).


5)  Soul Medicine Academy website is being launched soon!

The Soul Medicine Academy wants a space to express who we are and what we do. The Soul Medicine Academy website will home all of our programs and also be the space for you to tap into all the soul energies awakening within you.


6)  Soul Medicine TV is being launched in January

This has been our dream for over 1.5 years since we first got the call to do more video in a mistressmind retreat back in 2017. We’re so fired up to start sharing all the things that are blowing our hearts and minds right open, how to weave your own energy and activate your soul and heal and transform. We’ve already recorded some of the most activating episodes and we can’t wait to share with you soon!


7)  Our Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Database is coming too

One of the best things you can do for yourself is invest in your soul awakening by having an Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner guiding you. It’s the best fusion of kinesiology, embodiment, channelling, soul awakening and deep healing and we’ve been developing the richest database of our graduate practitioners to share with you. They’re the leaders we have working in our own fields to expand and ignite us and we want you to have some of that magic too. Our practitioners exist in countries all over the world and are available online and in person too.


8)  Are you following us @soulmedicineacademy on instagram?

We’re standing up in our visibility and ready to create a thriving, intimate community of like-hearts as we all call our rich, sovereignty to us this year. Come play with us on insta and facey and get all the behind the scenes, magic and activations on the daily!


9)  We can't wait to teach Embodied Soul Guide & Soul Leader School in 2019

We’ll be offering our signature Embodied Soul Guide (for coaches and leaders who want to guide their clients into their embodied soul) and Soul Leader School (for soul women who are ready to step up and shine in their work) programs later this year too!


10)  It’s not a legacy without contribution to challenges close to our heart

We can’t have true wealth if we're not standing for the wealth of those less privileged than ourselves and unpacking our own privilege too. That’s why the Soul Medicine Academy is committed to its social and environmental justice this year. We’ve been investing in Women of Colour leaders to learn and understand where we can do much better and how we can participate in transformation that is not blinded, bypassed or steeped in white supremacy. And we're redistributing our profit streams to make an impact investing in the change we want to see in the world.

Alrighty, that's about it (for now!). We can't wait to create magick with you this way beauty!