Soul Medicine Academy presents

Energy & Soul

Practitioner Certification

Become a deep soul practitioner, wildly desired for her powerful magic.

A leading-edge Energy & Soul Medicine training to certify you as a practitioner in soul work, creative potential, whole-being healing & erotic power.

Take your place as a mistress of soul magic and a leader of the new creative energies.

Introducing the sacred & powerful transformational system to channel & manifest the highest potential of the soul... for your clients (whether you’re new to intuition or a long-time lightworker) 

The Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification teaches you the Healing, Energetic Alchemy, Earth Spirit Integration, Soul Rebirth, Neural Reprogramming, Emotional Arts & Erotic Embodiment to awaken your clients to their soul work & activate their wildest & richest desires using the unique Soul Compass™ transformational system.

Spaces are filling fast and the Academy is over half full!

Beautiful Soul Worker!

If you've been in my community for a little while, you'll know that teaching energy & soul medicine is a personal passion of mine - one that's been following me from project to project, waiting for me to fully claim it!

There is something so precious and powerful about releasing our wounds and stepping into our power.

But there is a new imperative rising: the emerging leaders want to call in their desires straight from their soul, manifest them in their body and do the work they are here to do.

We don’t just want to heal, we want to ignite our soul's potential.

That’s why soul, energy & earth medicine is becoming one of the greatest transformational tools for doing our soul work in the world.

These skills are becoming sought-after as more and more individuals awaken to the desires encoded in their hearts.

People aren't just looking for traditional coaches and healers anymore, they want someone to guide them to their erotic edge, download their sacred purpose and ignite the portals of energy within them - to birth their desires with power and magnetism.

You know this, because you want it too.

That's why you're here right?

Your gifts are already awakening and you can feel there's something different about the way you want to make change in the world.

Perhaps from a young age you've been highly intuitive or a whisperer of souls? Maybe your spiritual superpowers are only just emerging?

Maybe you’ve seen a vision of you weaving magic like a mistress practitioner to support people to rise up in their soul work?

Because you’re here reading this, it is likely you’re one of the Soul Leaders who are meant to master their energy skills and create their own signature method of transformation.

I created this certification program to do just that – teach you a complete system to develop your own magic and become a powerful practitioner of energy & soul medicine.

It would be my honour to guide you.

Melissa Sandon xxx

Energy & Soul Medicine is the cutting-edge art for all emerging soul workers and change-makers.

Becoming a practitioner & a Mistress of Soul puts you in a unique and sought-after position of leading the new energy here on Earth.

Melissa Sandon

By now, you will have noticed the collective awakening of the metaphysical in our communities.

From goddess groups to spirit guides, everyone’s talking about doing their soul work and leading the new change.

It’s an incredibly exciting time and it humbles me to witness women feeling the call within them and choosing to meet it.

But we can’t ignore what’s really required of us.

When women choose to follow their soul work - being a leader, priestess or anything to do with the divine feminine - what they’re really doing is triggering a divine download from the universe.

You can’t do the work of soul without invoking the higher realms, nor the healing that comes with it.

So many women are setting off a chain reaction of energetic events that spin them into their awakening.

It takes a lot of courage to not avoid it and actually go there. And to not lose yourself when it takes you deep, asks you to heal, meet your shadow, channel your light and step into extreme visibility for your gifts.

We can’t fluff over it, not if we want to do our true soul work.

As more and more people awaken authentically, we need more practitioners and guides willing to learn and speak the true language of soul.

This language goes way beyond trend, it isn’t always light and it doesn’t avoid the vulnerable mess of where human and soul meet.

There is an opportunity (and a need) for the soul workers and leaders of this generation to skill themselves up to be on the innovative edge of this new movement.

In fact, it’s a special kind of practitioner who can call in the higher realms of the soul, walk the dark night and birth real desires in the world.

I invite you to pay close attention to your own body and soul as you read these words.

If you feel the recognition, the understanding that this is meant to be your path, that you are one of the soul’s meant to be a bridge between worlds…trust that.

Your soul is speaking to you.

At the same time, your mind might want to reject that too. When we start listening to our big vision, we also meet the parts of us who still doubt our potential.

Acknowledging your role in this time is a big devotion. To be an energy & soul guide for others, you first have to transmute your own being and open up to all of your possibilities.

Your own healing often reveals your unique magic.

My love, it is time to do just that.

Open your heart, feel into how you would love to spend your time next year and whether you’re ready to meet the big magic of your soul.

If so, in a bit, I’ll be inviting you to have a conversation with me about whether this program is for you.

But first, let me introduce you to:

Soul Medicine Academy presents


In this 10 month advanced practitioner training you’ll master the integrated approach of opening the energy portals of the body to channel the blueprint of the soul and guide your clients to manifest their rich desires, fulfil the legacy of their soul & Make their true impact in the world. 

What is the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certificate?

This intimate (maximum 20 women!), deep dive into energy & soul medicine is designed to awaken your individual intuitive talents and transform them into super powers that catalyse and awaken your soul clients.

My desire is to mentor you into becoming a practitioner with immense presence, who has a reputation for the work she does and makes a juicy impact in the world.

On top of that, we’ll be exploring the many realms of energetic science, emotional embodiment and spiritual wisdom and mapping it into a comprehensive healing system for profound and sustainable change.

This is about curating the skills that quantum leaps you into being the kind of healer, practitioner and leader you desire to be (and who is desired by an abundance of clients).




  • Learn the art of energetic alchemy, kinesiology & soul magic
  • Guide your clients to birth their soul work & manifest their desires
  • Weave deep level healing, earth-soul integration, karmic & past life completion
  • Learn to balance the nervous system, neural emotional pathways & subconscious beliefs
  • Channel the divine feminine arts of emotional embodiment & erotic awakening
  • Qualify as a Practitioner of the unique Soul Compass™ Transformation System, including Soul Beings, Soul Guides, Soul Blueprints, Soul Councils and much more...
  • Channel, open & ignite the Soul Centres (powerful energetic portals between the human being & spirit)
  • Emerge as a wise, integrated practitioner with strong boundaries and conviction in her power

Why certify as an Energy & Soul Practitioner?

Why me? Why now?

The truth is many woman are already wielding their healing gifts and making change in the world.

We have intuitive mothers, soulful career women, laser-sharp coaches, heart-deep healers, high-vibing creatives.

Perhaps you’re already working in the industry of transformation and doing your good work.

But here’s the thing…

Our clients are awakening in ever-more expansive ways. They are channeling new wisdom, downloading big visions and re-birthing their souls in full brilliance on earth.

They want guides who can hold all of them. Who can go to the deep places and journey the soul world with them.

They want someone who has the energetic power to witness their metamorphosis (and know what’s happening – even when they don’t), teach them the wild magic of creation and encourage their essential magnetism to come out to play.

They don’t just want to touch the surface anymore. They don’t want to skim over healing. They don’t want to flounder in their pain.

Your clients want real, deep, sustainable change.

As healers and practitioners, we can’t hope to lead our clients into power if we are not actualized in our own power first.

Now, more than ever, you are called to claim your soul work

It is our sacred responsibility to transfigure into our most exalted states, emerge from our own soul initiation and refine our intuition to the highest levels.

Your power as a practitioner comes from unearthing your unique blend of soul perception and vulnerability.

You’re meant to transform your wounds into gifts.

You’re meant to decipher the lessons and experiences of your soul and weave these into your own healing blueprint.

Designing your own powerful transformational system positions you as one of the new-world energetic leaders.

So why am I so passionate about teaching you to become a masterful energy & soul practitioner?

Because through it, you can fulfil your richest desires.

Early on in my career as a kinesiologist, I became very bored with following the procedures I had learnt in my training.

Every time I followed the exact formula, someone else’s system I had learnt, it felt like I was missing some essential ingredients for the healing to lock in place and resonate at a core level.

It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to let go of the formula and surrender into the mystery of the sacred space I was creating with another human being, that my magic really erupted.

It unlocked masses of intuitive flow that I had been holding back and begun the next 5 years of me stepping into mastery.

The more I danced and created in sacred space with my clients, the more my message and philosophy dropped in.

Not long after, I began downloading my signature body of soul work.

I’ve used that soul work to guide hundreds of clients through my transformational programs, book high-end premium packages, do speaking gigs – and the thing I love the most – teaching to a global audience.

Whatever your own personal desires are for your healing gifts, cultivating your mastery is fundamental for being change-maker with your work.

The practitioners who embody their powers and birth their soul work stand-out in the industry.

I know that cultivating your unique magic will also activate your financial abundance.

Because it’s not just about serving others, it’s about being full and overflowing in your own world.

It’s about creating your freedom so you can lead someone else into theirs.

So many wonderful healers and practitioners are putting their good work out in the world and not receiving back what they desire.

They spend hours writing sales pages, sharing themselves on social media and still their client books or programs aren’t filling up.

It’s a tender time – because when the finances aren’t flowing, we struggle to stay on top of our business and living expenses nor have the resources to be free and do the things that light us up.

Our soul work becomes draining and focused more on serving others then serving ourselves.

It’s painful – because we put so much into it, but so many practitioners I know are broke or exhausted.

And yet some practitioners are wildly successful.


Because they have what I call embodied resonance.

They are living and breathing what they teach and others can feel it.

In fact, when you cultivate the deep magic of energy & soul, you begin to transmute your essence across the globe.

People can feel that.

They want that.

And it’s the key to your soul-fuelled success.

Hi, I'm Melissa

Melissa Sandon

I’ve learnt just about everything there is to know about mind, body & energy medicine. I studied as a kinesiologist with pioneering teachers as we explored the possibilities of healing through the innate wisdom of the body. I’ve done deep studies in the brain and the way we think and survive. All kinds of emotional release and spiritual integration. I’ve journeyed through past lives, through energy portals in the body.

I’ve witnessed the power of the divine feminine and the creative potential of the womb. I’ve seen the new wave of divine healing through the masculine and the rise of Soul Leaders making peace with structures, systems and goals.

I have never experienced anything as powerful as Energy & Soul Medicine - where we literally take the blueprint of the soul and all of your wonderful desires and potential and we weave that into the body, through our portals, in our deep embodiment channels, through our raw vulnerability and humanity to become the people we’re meant to be.
And not just any system of Energy & Soul Medicine...


Deep into my training, I realized its not about learning someone else’s procedures for transformation, it’s about unearthing your own way. Igniting your unique gifts and having the specific mentoring, backed with a comprehensive spiritual science and knowledge at the innovation edge of energy & soul, to create your own healing and transformational systems.

What results can I expect?

This certification will qualify you as an Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner.

The Soul Medicine Academy currently has the entire program under review to be accepted as an Approved Training Provider of our signature and proprietary modality: Energy & Soul Medicine with a leading complementary therapy association.

We guarantee, if you complete all of the assessment requirements of the program and we deem you proficient in your mastery, you’ll be qualified and registered as an Energy & Soul Practitioner – able to be REGISTERED and INSURED and ready to get out there in the world in whatever way lights you up.

In this Certification Program, you’ll qualify in your own unique transformational system. You’ll become adept at weaving constellations of energy, designing soul maps, developing your own powerful healing tools, conducting rituals, manifestations and leading your clients in their embodied awakening.

In the Energy & Soul Practitioner Certification, you are saying yes to setting yourself apart as an expert of an advanced soul science and the energy arts.

  • You’ll bring forth new energy for yourself and your clients
  • You’ll learn how to create sustainable healing change and release age-old wounds and beliefs (what many people are currently unable to do)
  • You’ll transform your doubts and awaken your soul-given gifts
  • You’ll create your own signature method of transformation
  • If you apply what I teach you and take the aligned actions, you’ll attract a raving list of clients who love you for the work you do
  • You’ll be immersed in radical transformative and nurturing environment for 10 whole months – quantum leaping you into your potential and putting you well on the way to becoming a leader in your field.

The outcome of your practitioner riches is up to you, but you will be equipped to ignite your mastery.

Above all, you’ll devote yourself to being a worker of the soul realm and co-creating with the many multidimensional beings of that space.

Here's how we'll journey together for the 10 months 

I believe in women undergoing their own transformation to ignite their gifts.

That’s why this 10 month advanced practitioner journey will be structured as an intimate (20 women maximum) discovery journey of your inner soul realms.

You will have individualized instruction and space to be seen, heard and guided in our group environment.

Even though the program can be accessed from anywhere around the world, there will be a huge live component where we sit in circle, practice new techniques on eachother, workshop and train together – all through a leading-edge, online classroom environment.

It is required that you participate in 80% of our group trainings for certification, but anytime you can’t be there live – the whole thing will be recorded.

Every month you’ll receive an in-depth curriculum including training videos, training manual, practice balances and exploration worksheets.

Every fortnight you’ll receive a recorded demonstration balance, including real-life examples of how to work with clients.

Every fortnight you’ll be invited to a live Q&A call where each of your questions will be answered.

Once a month, we’ll come together for an 4-hr immersion training workshop, a mix of theory and practice with opportunities to pair up and practice your balances (and be guided by Melissa).

Throughout the 10 months you’ll also receive self-practice energy practices and guided meditations.

You’ll also have 24/7 access to an active community forum to share your experiences and get specific feedback.



Melissa working in Bali


Workshop location in Bali


Jenna Ward and Melissa Sandon in Bali

5 day Bali Practitioner Excellence Training

The Energy & Soul Certification includes a 5 day Bali Practitioner Excellence training to expand, practice and consolidate your emerging arts. The training will be focused on providing in-person coaching and mentoring to enhance your mastery.

Note – this training will be held in May 2017 and is optional although recommended. Training facility, materials, lunch and snacks will be provided.

Exact dates will be given during enrolment conversations.

Students will be invited to organize their own accommodation and travel arrangements to allow greatest flexibility regarding family travel. Bali has a diverse range of accommodation at both luxury and very affordable prices. Leaving this to students gives everyone the freedom to choose what they desire. The Academy is happy to link students up to organize shared accommodation.

 2 day Practitioner Workshop

You’ll be invited to a 2-day practitioner mastery practice workshop in Brisbane Australia. We’ll come together to conduct live balances and allow you to combine your skills into a full mastery balance.


I’ve created the most comprehensive fusion of mind-body-energy-soul medicine.

The syllabus for your 10 month certification includes the most potent practices and systems I’ve been using in my 10 years of practitionership.

If you study the provided syllabus, complete the worksheets, balances and assignments, you will emerge as one of the leading-edge Energy & Soul Workers.

Module 1 (Month 1) - Energy Medicine and weaving intuitive co-creative space

Developing intuitive perception.
Mastering emotional & erotic embodiment as an energetic healing technique.

  • Expanding your intuitive perception
  • Learn how to hold powerful sacred space
  • How to read and feel energy
  • How to ground your higher energies into your awareness
  • Mastering the mystery of energetic space transformation
  • How to guide your clients in the art of emotional & erotic embodiment
  • How to guide your clients in their energetic transformation
  • Perceiving energy portals, channeling and shifting energy through them and opening new gateways
  • How to clear the energetic space, release your client’s energy and work towards the highest good of all
Module 2 (Month 2) - Energetic bodies, multiple dimensions and soul threads

Working through the subconscious, energy bodies and multiple dimensions.
Using kinesiology & energy medicine to decipher multiple threads of information.

  • Learn the etheric-astral-causal realms, chakras, soul centres, lightbody and multiple dimensions
  • How to advance muscle monitor with kinesiology, based on the three levels of nervous system stress and work with your client’s subconscious
  • How to communicate with the soul
  • How to intuit information for your clients
  • How to crack through layers of your client’s mental, emotional, energetic realms to understand the core problem and fragmentations
Module 3 (Month 3 & 4) - Emotional release, healing & integration of the human being

Emotional & energetic healing for the psyche and the human being.
Energetic and spiritual integration, past pain and past life healing release.

  • Understand the inter-relationship between survival emotions, belief systems and your spirit
  • Learning neurological reactions and survival shutdowns
  • Guide your clients from limiting stories to the real reason they stay in lack and fear
  • How to travel back through memory systems, past fears and pain to resolve and integrate old wounds
  • Learn how to travel with the threads of your client’s soul into past lives to create karmic release
  • How to perform advanced emotional, energetic and mental clearing
  • How to heal the inner child and the human being to step into the greatest spiritual potential
Module 4 (Month 5) - Soul Medicine, Soul Purpose and Soul Healing

Channelling the magic of the soul.
Guiding clients to reconnect to the power and the blueprint of their soul.

  • Guiding clients on a multi-dimensional soul journey
  • Learn the Soul Compass Transformational Method and the 12 element Soul Magic model:
    • Soul Centres: Portals of the Soul
    • Soul Temple: Journeying to the metaphysical lands of the soul
    • Soul Work: Fulfilling our passion, sharing our gifts
    • Soul Guides: Being guided by our guardians
    • Soul Clients: Co-creating with our soul tribe
    • Soul Family: The constellation of our loved ones
    • Soul Incarnation: Arrival here on earth
    • Soul Purpose: Our unfolding potential and reason for being
    • Soul Timeline: Weaving the mystery and lessons of our many lives
    • Soul Council: The beings who govern our purpose
    • Soul Healing: Weaving the many threads of our soul into greater unity
    • Soul beings: Channeling the many archetypes of our soul
  • How to conduct healing in the Soul Temple
  • Guiding clients to meet their soul and embody the many beings of their soul (witch, priestess, queen, hag, wild woman, maiden, seductress, creatress and many, many more)
  • How to channel guiding beings and soul council/mates/family
  • How to channel and download the purpose and blueprint of the soul
Module 5 (Month 6 & 7) - Soul Centres and opening the portals to your greatest healing and activation

Activating the portals of your soul.
Undertaken deep healing across all levels of your being. 

  • Learning the powerful and exclusive healing modality of the Soul Centres
  • Become a practitioner of Soul Centres - including the following key spiritual portals: Incarnation, Earth, Vagina,  Womb of Creation, Power, Unity Point, Heart, High Heart, Expression, Wisdom, Spirit, Blueprint
  • Learn how to undertake advanced balancing of the Soul Centres including these signature transformation processes:
    • Whole-being Integration and Advanced Flow
    • Maximised Creative Potential
    • Rich Abundance Activation
    • Erupt your Erotic Power
    • Intimate and Awakened Relationships
Module 6 (Month 8) - Rebirthing of the soul

Clearing and activating the potential of your energy.
Birthing the soul on earth and anchoring the human energy field.

  • Learn how to thread your client’s soul back to earth and their body
  • How to perform the ancient energy integration of the celestial circuit
  • How to clear old, dense energy, release attachments and reinstate sovereignty
  • Guide your clients to ground and consolidate their energy systems and open to higher intuitive data
  • How to midwife the soul re-birthing. The soul stages of labour.
Module 7 (Month 9) - Journey of a Balance

Map your soul gifts to create a unique Journey of a Balance. 
Master the art of weaving vibrational constellations of transformation.  

  • Learn how to weave all of your soul gifts together into a complete balancing technique - to offer practitioner sacred space to others
  • Learn how to create vibrational constellations to map your client’s transformation journey
  • Learn the Energy & Soul Signature Transformation systems:
    • Abundance activation and wealth clearing
    • Relationship intimacy
    • Soul purpose and highest potential
    • Healing emotional trauma
    • Intuitive soul guidance and high vibrational activation
    • Body healing and reconnection
  • Create your Energy & Soul Healing blueprint
  • Create your Healing Toolkit
  • Create your 3 month signature journey
Module 8 (Month 10) - Cultivate your Practitioner Power

Morphing into a powerful, radiant practitioner. 
Getting clear in your energy, boundaries and sacred role.  

  • Claim your sacred role for the highest good of all
  • Get clear on your soul clients and how to identify those who aren’t ready to work with you
  • Establish true boundaries with your clients
  • Learn to communicate the responsibilities of your clients and lovingly hold them accountable to it
  • How to curate your own transformational body of work
  • Pricing and marketing your services

Energy & Soul Practitioner Certification begins in March 2017 and runs for 10 months

But I’ve put together a special program for us to dive in together and begin the journey immediately.

Take action

I have a personal passion for enabling women to say yes to themselves and their visions and act on them as soon as they arise.

When we leap into our soul, rather than wait for the doubt and procrastination to creep in, we accelerate our own personal destiny.

Taking fast action is one of the soul’s super-powers.

 I know there are women in my community who are ready to say yes to this opportunity to become a master practitioner.

If you are that woman, if your body and soul has been lighting up as you read this, then I want to support you to say yes to yourself.
And offer you some amazing transformation experiences even before the certification begins.

Spaces are filling fast and the Academy is over half full.

If you enrol in the Energy & Soul Practitioner Certification before 5th February 2017, you’ll receive the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: 2017 Energy Balance ($450)

2017 is set to be a potent year. It’s our responsibility to set our energy up in the most luminous way so we can leverage all the abundant universal forces available to us.

In this additional bonus, we’ll be coming together as an intimate circle to balance and activate the energies of 2017. I’ll be weaving my most advanced practitioner skills to channel the messages we need to hear for the year, the energy we’re ready to clear and the blueprint you’re meant to enact for your soul.

I can’t wait for this – it’s something that is critical to my own soul success and I know it will expand collectively as we do it together.

Bonus 2: Money energetic clearing day ($2000)

The more I actualize my soul work, the more I see how deeply our money relationship informs the freedom of our soul to create through us. 

When we are blocked to our abundance - either by limiting our receivership, lessening our prices or leaking our financial wealth - we are essentially blocked to our soul. 

I know that dedicating to this Practitioner Certification is a big commitment for 2017. I feel the commitment within myself too, as I will be called to show up more than I ever have. 

It's so very important to ensure that our commitments are fuelled by the resources we require. We desire to be full and overflowing in 2017 as we master our practitioner and for that reason, I'm offering an intimate 1 day workshop (online) for those who enrol before the end of December. 

In this workshop, we will be working to clear and uplevel our money energy, re-writing our debt and receivership stories, plugging up our leaks and reuniting with the divine essence of wealth - in our bank accounts, businesses, savings and lives.

This is something I'm looking forward to for myself - as I'm going to be doing my own personal clearing with you. 

I believe this is one of the most powerful things we can do as modern spiritual women and it is my pleasure to guide you through all my secret practitioner techniques to increase your wealth. 

Is your soul on fire with readiness to step into her majesty?


Here’s what you can do next…..

Enrolment in the Energy & Soul Practitioner Certification is by application only.

It is my intention to personally select this intimate group of women for our collective dynamic and the personal passion of each member.

The role between student and teacher is best created when there is an alignment in the way our energy & soul magic works.

For this reason, I would love to invite you to have a conversation with me, so both of us can tune into the resonance of our potential partnership.

Book your interview

I would love to connect with you! Please:

  1. Schedule your interview with me using our online booking system.
  2. Once you’ve booked your interview, my team will send you the application form. Please fill out this form before our chat. We won’t be conducting calls until your application is returned to us.
  3. Put your interview in your calendar.
  4. Stay tuned to your soul’s desires during this time, receive your intuition and be ready to follow it.

IMPORTANT: You must book your conversation before Saturday 5th February to secure your exclusive client bonuses:

  • 2017 Energetic Balance
  • Money Energetic Clearing Day

Here’s some questions we’ve been asked…

We are committed to ensuring our students receive the very best training possible. We are willing to guarantee the depth and rigour of our training for practitioners. The Soul Medicine Academy has a comprehensive refund policy and this will be shared prior to your enrolment.

In order to complete the course successfully all students must:

  • Hand in all their workbooks with completed answers
  • Perform 20 balances: 10 with students, 10 with people outside the course
  • Interview with Melissa Sandon or relevant staff member prior to completion to gauge expertise
  • Submit Map of your Signature Process, to outline how they will use the skills gained for their own practice
  • 80% participation in live trainings
  • Business webpage – wrriten plan of your soul work and work with me sales page
  • 6 sessions with an Energy & Soul practitioner within the Soul Medicine Academy registry

Our in-person training workshops are provided as additional immersions into the curriculum. They are designed to enhance your expertise but we understand many of our students are international and have certain constraints to travelling. For this reason, these trainings are optional but recommended. There will be some video recording of the training components of these workshops.

This training has been developed as an advanced training to guide soul worker and leaders into their energy and soul mastery. Please review the curriculum of the training to ensure this is new information for you, but trust that I am committed to deepening your awareness and energetic presence and setting you apart as an abundant leader.

Yes! It is designed specifically for you. This certification will have a range of women from new intuitives to experienced practitioners. I will be individually guiding each participant into their own unique mastery, so it is perfect to be exactly where you are in your knowledge.

You will be given the full understanding of soul science – from beginning knowledge to awakened mastery.

This Energy & Soul Medicine Certification Training is developed to ensure your practitioner mastery and to qualify you to work in deep and impactful ways with clients and as a teacher. Although Soul Leader School teaches some basics of energy medicine, it is only for the purposes of clearing and releasing blocks to Soul Leadership. Soul Leader School is a program to awaken leaders into their soul work, to step into visibility and upgrader their business foundations.

Soul Medicine Academy students will receive a discount invitation to Soul Leader School as it is the natural progression after you have completed your certification.

I desire to ensure that this is the right program for you. That’s why I’m offering personal conversations with each applicant, so I can connect and explore the possibilities. During our conversation, I’ll be sharing the full investment of the certification training, including your end-of-year financial savings.

The Certification training begins in March 2017. You’ll receiving your first month’s training materials prior to our start date.

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Soul woman, are you ready to claim your place as a Soul Practitioner?

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Book your interview

Truth is, if you have read to the bottom of this letter, then something within you is asking to explore what this could mean for you.

Your soul is excited by the possibility.

I encourage you, take a leap of faith by booking our chat. There will be no pressure, no secret sales techniques – just pure connection to see if we are meant to work together.

I invite you to:

  1. Schedule your interview with me using our online booking system.
  2. Once you’ve booked your interview, my team will send you the application form. Please fill out this form before our chat. We won’t be conducting calls until your application is returned to us.
  3. Put your interview in your calendar.
  4. Stay tuned to your soul’s desires during this time, receive your intuition and be ready to follow it.

IMPORTANT: You must book your conversation before 5th February 2017 to secure your exclusive client bonuses:

  • 2017 Energetic Balance
  • Money Energetic Clearing Day